A Dirty What? Even Starbucks Has Secrets

After a long day of studying, a much needed Starbucks run was the only thing on my mind. Getting ready to order my usual Ice blended Passion Fruit, I heard the person in front of me order a "Captain Crunch." Naturally curious how they expected to make cereal into a coffee drink, asked the barista where I could find it on the menu. She laughed it off and said that it is just a known fact: Starbucks Coffee has a “secret menu” filled with innovative drinks such as Zebra Mochas and Cinnamon Roll Frappuccinos. It turns out that Starbucks alone has made over 87,000 drink combinations the past couple of years as customers get more and more creative with different drink styles. According to an anonymous barista working at the Starbucks in Claremont village, “The drinks are more of a known thing. There isn’t a set menu and a lot of customers come in to make their own creations.”

Unlike other restaurant chains such as Chipotle or In-N-Out which have more of a set secret menu, Starbucks off-menu items aren’t as publicized. Be catious that not all drinks are universal so be sure to tell your barista exactly how you want it.

The most popular drinks at the Claremont village Starbucks are the Captain Crunch, Teddy Graham, and Cookies ‘n Crème. The barista commenter says, “The Teddy Graham is the most popular. It is a white mocha with cinnamon dolce syrup.”

Here are some other crowd favorites:

The Captain Crunch is strawberries and crème with a combination of hazelnut syrup.

The Cookies ‘n Crème is a White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino blended with java chips and a dash of peppermint syrup.

The Grasshopper Frappuccino consists of a Mocha Frappuccino blended with java chips and peppermint syrup.

The Snickers Frappuccino is Java Chip Frappuccino with two pumps of toffee nut and a caramel drizzle on top.

The Chocolate Dalmatian which is white chocolate mocha with java chips and chocolate chips sprinkled in.

The Dirty Chai is a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso.

Samoa Frappuccino is a mocha coconut Frappuccino with a caramel drizzle.

Thin Mint Frappuccino is made by blending the Tazo Green Tea Crème Frappuccino with chocolate syrip and java chips.

Girl Scout cookie flavors are a huge hit as barista's attempt to create the similar taste to the cookies.

Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino which is a combination of Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino and cinnamon dolce syrup.

Marble Mocha Macchiato is a twist on the signature Caramel Macchiato. White mocha on the bottom with no whip, shot on the top and mocha drizzle.

The Dirty Hippy which is simply ordering your Dirty Chai Tea Latte with soy milk instead of regular.

Apple Juice Orange Blossom is a combination of Tazo Orange Blossom Tea steeped in steamed apple juice (with no water.)

Next time you stop by Starbucks for a pick-me-up, don't settle for a boring Vanilla Latte.  Order one of these delicious concoctions, or get creative and invent your own!  Maybe you'll make it onto the secret menu.

For more drinks on the secret check out this list and this one.  Some of these drinks came from a previous list released by Fox News here. Know of more secret drinks at Starbucks? Add to the list in the comment section below.

This article was updated on March 22 at 8:45pm