Win a ticket to Coachella with your Amazing Idea

Idea Night has returned! The Forum is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications for the famed Idea Night and the opportunity to compete for the Best Idea and a ticket to the first weekend of Coachella! Mark your calendars, because the event will be taking place on  Tuesday, March 6th. If you don’t know what Idea Night is, it can be described as an event somewhere between a thesis-defense with a shot clock and a start-up pitch with a half-bottle of Ath wine.

At last year's Idea Night, attendees heard about the flaws with financial modeling, the need for a "J (January) Term," the importance of fine tailoring, and the radical rethinking of defense policy. Jesse Blumenthal ’11 took home the title of Best Idea with a strong case for why America needs to finally fight a war that is actually profitable: invading our most logical target, Canada.

Applications are due by Wednesday, February 22 at 5pm. All applicants will receive a token of our appreciation. Selected applicants will be eligible to compete for a ticket to the first weekend of Coachella. The second place finisher will win a $50 gift card to the village restaurant of his/her choice and the third and fourth place winner will each receive a $25 gift card to his/her choice.

Zac Robin presents at Idea Night 2011

Students are invited to submit papers, projects or original research for the enjoyment and education of the CMC community. Participants and their topics will be selected by the Forum's editorial board for uniqueness, interest, and quality. We are looking for interesting arguments on any topic — politics, culture, CMC, etc. Although the content will vary greatly, the format will remain constant: each participant will have 10 minutes, a projector and a podium. A short Q & A session will follow each talk.

What would you change about CMC? What are you going to occupy? How is EDM creating the greatest revolution since Bastille Day? Why should the biggest social network in the world rely on seven men to make its most important decisions? After Canada, who should we invade next? Why is CMC focused on its US News & World Report ranking when it actually needs to focus on ranking inside the top 10 on the Playboy party school list?

Presentation skills will be valued equally alongside content. At the end of the event, the audience will be asked to rank the speakers on their interest and persuasiveness, and while everyone will get a token of our appreciation, the winner will get a free ticket to Coachella. Be creative. Be sexy. Be a little crazy.

Submit your idea below by Wednesday, February 22 at 5pm