Need a Date this Valentine’s Day? You Might Have a Secret Admirer.

I’m single, but I love Valentine’s Day. It’s probably something about the excuse to engage in Valentine’s Day clichés like eating box after box of self-bought chocolates while watching "The Notebook" on repeat. It is my understanding, however, that Ryan Gosling movies are not for everyone. If I did not just describe your ideal Valentine’s night then perhaps you should stick to something a little more traditional, like a date. No one special in your life at the moment? Enter Like Secret. Co-founded by Pomona freshman Jesse Pollak, Like Secret is an easy (and anonymous!) matchmaking app that may just score you a date this Tuesday night.

Launched just over a week ago, Like Secret has already gained over 400 users and is growing fast. Here’s how it works: Log into the site using Facebook and click on the friends you are romantically interested in. They then receive an anonymous notification that someone is interested in them. If they log in and happen to pick you too then you are matched up! If not, your secret is safe with them (read: it’s a really simple way to avoid rejection).

Yes, you heard right—gone are the days when sending red roses from “your secret admirer” was the best way to inform your crush of your interest. Welcome to the 21st century, where having zero game or being sick of hoping your crush can read your mind at TNC are officially non-issues.

Sure, online matchmaking sites are nothing new. is a wonderful way to meet people if you’re willing to create a public profile. Not only does this kind of site cost money, any member of the site can contact you (Like Secret is only between Facebook friends). Like a Little is also fantastic if what you are trying to do is write a post about how it was love at first sight in Collins last Thursday and wait for Guava to reciprocate that sentiment. It may never happen.


Pollak says he got his inspiration for starting the site when he realized that neither nor Like a Little really served the role of providing an online connection between young people. "I was lying in my bed on a Saturday night and the idea just kind of hit me: most dating sites are all about setting you up with people you don't know, why not flip that idea on its head and focus on setting you up with people you do know?"  Unlike Like a Little, Like Secret allows more than just anonymous online flirting: it allows people to form real connections.  Pollak's site is especially useful for college students, who nearly never use online dating sites, but are almost universally addicted to Facebook.  "I think [college kids] see friends hooking up with people and think that something is wrong with them if they need help meeting people. In reality though, everyone struggles with dating and relationships and the success of dating sites has shown that people really do need help," the co-founder explains.  Like Secret, he hopes, can serve this valuable function for people of all ages, but especially for students looking for romance on a campus far removed from the passion-filled world of "The Notebook."

Now I don’t want you to think I’m some pessimist who cries herself to sleep at night wishing Noah Calhoun went to the Claremont Colleges. What I’m saying is that Like Secret is a means to an end. It is completely anonymous and it really works (trust me, my friend and I just tested it out). So give it a shot and if all else fails, well…like I said, I’m single.

There are some upcoming improvements for Like Secret as well.  Some ideas in the pipeline are a messaging platform to contact your matches, and the ability to set up friends you think would hit it off. So if Screw Your Roommate ended up going a little more like screw-over your roommate, it may be time to give Like Secret a try.