CMS Football Falls to Redlands

Game Recap One sideline was a mass of players in a huge group hug.  The other sideline was an amorphous mob in total shock.  From the very first moment of the CMS-Redlands game (a successful onside kick by CMS), this game was filled with surprises, lucky breaks, and incredible plays.  And fittingly, at the end, it was a tip drill Hail Mary pass that gave Redlands the win over CMS, 30-24.

Coming into the game, it would be hard to argue that Redlands shouldn’t be favored.  They had an excellent offense and a defense that was incredible against the run, CMS’ greatest strength.  However, for most of the first half, it appeared as if CMS had Redlands’ number in all three phases.  To begin, CMS successfully attempted an onside kick, shocking both Redlands and the crowd.  They dominated during their first drive, when they consistently moved the ball down the field using inside runs, play-action passes, and a halfback pass trick play. Running back Alex Wheatley pounded the ball in on a 4 yard TD run, giving CMS a 7-0 lead. Afterwards, CMS didn’t let up in the least; despite Redlands putting together a 13-play drive, they were forced to punt from CMS’s 33 yard line.  Following a pair of 3 and outs by both teams, an interception by freshman linebacker Max Winsberg gave CMS the ball on Redlands 16 yard line.  The Stags offense drove down the shortened field and Corey Bickler ran in a 5 yard touchdown, putting CMS up 14-0.  After three more three and outs by both teams, CMS began the drive at its own 34 and drove 66 yards over 6 minutes, capped off with a 1 yard touchdown run by QB Peter Kimmey.  Up 21-0, that was the last time CMS was in the redzone.

After getting the ball back, Redlands put together a nice drive, ending with a field goal to make the score 21-3.  The next play for CMS, Kimmey threw a pick that was returned to CMS 2 yard line and RB David Woolbert ran it in the final two yards for the score.  However, despite the comeback by Redlands at the end of the first half, CMS still had a comfortable eleven point lead.  In the third quarter, CMS received the ball and had a three and out after a pair of drops on good throws by Peter Kimmey.  After a deep punt by kicker Chet Corcos, Bobby Brown, Redlands’ sophomore running back who had 110 yards last game against Pomona Pitzer, broke a massive run, scampering for 87 yards and a score, making it a one possession game.  CMS responded with a 20 yard drive ending in a 49 yard field goal off a massive boot by Chet Corcos.  Redlands responded back with a 72 yard drive ending in a 30 TD pass to Chad Aubrey.  After tying up the score, neither team was able to break away, with neither entering the redzone until halfway through the fourth quarter.  CMS had finally gotten a drive going, moving from their 18 to Redlands’ 44, when Kimmey threw an interception that was returned to the CMS 2 yard line. However, after a false start penalty on Redlands, two illegal substitution penalties on CMS and a holding penalty on Redlands, Redlands was pushed back to CMS 11 yard line.  On second and goal from the 11, on a pitch to the right, they fumbled the ball, giving it back to CMS with a tie game.  CMS, however, was unable to capitalize, punting to Redlands giving them only 14 seconds to win the game from their 41 yard line.  After getting to the CMS 43, wide receiver Tyler Aubrey caught a Hail Mary pass in the end zone with no time remaining.

Next week, the Stags travel to Whittier, California to play the 1-4 (0-2 in conference) Whittier Poets.

Pre-Game Coverage

Last year coming into their 5th game of the season against Redlands, CMS was 4-0 and 1-0 in its conference, outscoring their opponents by a combined 153-65. They lost 21-7, allowing 14 in the 4th quarter, effectively ending CMS’s hopes of winning the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC). This year, coming into the 5th game of the season against Redlands, despite being 2-2, CMS holds a 1-0 record in the SCIAC, currently 2nd place after 2-0 Cal Lutheran. A victory against Redlands would set up their October 29th game against Cal Lutheran as possibly a deciding game in the SCIAC.

Redlands came into the season optimistic after an 8-1 season last year, losing only to Cal Lutheran. However, after 4 games, Redlands is currently 1-1 in the conference after a disappointing 28-24 loss to Cal Lutheran. Thus, if they want to remain competitive in the SCIAC, Redlands must win against CMS; a 1-2 record in the conference would end their playoff hopes. Therefore, both teams are looking at this game as a must-win if their aspirations are to be achieved.

On offense, CMS has reason to be worried about this game. So far this season, their offense has been based around the run game; so far this season, they have 6 rushing touchdowns and only one passing touchdown with half of the rushing touchdowns by Patrick Rooney. Rooney (the team’s leading rusher over the first two games) was injured at the very start of the third game and is not going to be starting the game against Redlands. Also, Redlands’s defense currently is allowing on 2.3 yards a rush, making it a very tough matchup for this offense.

On the other hand, CMS’s defense has played outstanding the past three games. They’ve only allowed 40 points over the past three games with under 12 first downs each game and have had a third down conversion rate of under 40%. In addition, they have 1 safety, one interception for a touchdown, and 5 forced turnovers. Especially of note is their defensive line, which has constantly gotten pressure on the quarterback and is responsible for most of their success so far.

Redlands’s offense, on the other hand, tends to be very balanced; thus far, they’ve averaged 8 yards per attempt passing and 7 yards a rush. So far, they’ve been excellent overall; they’re averaging 22 first downs a game, starting quarterback Chad Hurst has had 2 300-yard games, and scoring at least 24 points in each game. However, it hasn’t all been perfect for Redlands; one potential issue for this offense is interceptions; thus far, Hurst has thrown 5 interceptions. With CMS’s defensive line able to get to the quarterback, we could see this become the deciding factor as to whether Redland’s offense will be able to get started this Saturday.

While Redland’s offense has been impressive so far, their defense has had its share of ups and downs. On rush defense, it has been absolutely outstanding. It has held its past three opponents to an average of 2.3 yards per carry, which is simply phenomenal. Leading the rush defense is junior middle linebacker Jordan Garcia, who has averaged 11 tackles a game. However, their pass defense has been suspect; in each of the past three games they’ve allowed over 250 yards through the air. Also, they’ve had issues stopping the other team from scoring; they’ve allowed over 20 points in each of their games, averaging 24.5 points a game.

Overall, this is a very important game for both teams that pits a team with a strong rushing

game and a strong defense, CMS, against a team with an impressive offense and an excellent run defense, Redlands. The game will be Saturday, 15 October 2011 at Zinda Field at 1:00 P.M.


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