Decision 2011: SLC Chair Special Election

Within the ASCMC Board of Directors, the student body elects a Student Life Council Chair. The SLC Chair heads the Student Life Council, which is primarily responsible for coordinating and promoting non-alcoholic extracurricular activities that benefit the general student body of CMC. ASCMC is holding a special election to replace the former SLC Chair. Voting in this special election will take place this coming Thursday, October 6, at Collins during lunch and dinner. Statements from each of the candidates are below, listed in the order they were received.

 Note: Forum staff did not edit or revise these statements in any way. They are directly from the candidates in their own words. Their views do not necessarily represent those of the Forum.

Alexandra Cooke

Although I am the only candidate for the Student Life Council Chair (SLC Chair), I still take this election very seriously. As your prospective SLC Chair, I promise complete dedication to the job.

I have several goals to bring our already-close CMC community even closer through established traditions and new, diverse events.

CMC social life tends to be polarized: wet and dry events. Each of these has different qualities that attract separate crowds.  I see my job as the possibility to create new events that bring diverse groups together, forgetting the notion of wet and dry and fostering a more inclusive atmosphere.

If elected, first and foremost, I want to immediately establish a Council to help with throwing two or three events per week. This council should be composed of students with diverse ideas to ensure that the SLC events will appeal to a wide array of students.

Even though this will be a new position for me, there will be no lag time with putting on events; I already have a great working relationship with the ASCMC Exec Board, because I have served as the Executive Secretary since Spring Break.  Through my work with ASCMC so far, I also have experience working with DOS and following through with executing successful events.

Some of my ideas for SLC events are:

  • ESPN College Gameday parties with FOOD
  • Themed TV and movie nights (i.e. Dress up like the characters from Mad Men during a reception and a screening)
  • Board game tournaments
  • Music Events (i.e. Open Mic Night, Karaoke, live bands)
  • Off-Campus events
  • Continue the past traditions (i.e. Pumpkin Carving, Dodgers Games, TV showings, Ginger Bread Houses, Ski-Beach Day, etc.)

Most importantly, if elected, I want feedback from all of you. E-mail me if you have ideas or comments or just want to get to know me at

Remember to vote outside of Collins or at the Senior Apartments on Thursday! I hope to have your vote and have a great rest of the year with all of you as your SLC Chair.

ASCMC election rules prohibit candidates from campaigning online.  Since the Forum allows anonymous commenting, the editorial staff disabled commenting on articles to prevent any rule violations. If you have any questions about this policy, please email