Winners of Final Medallion Hunt and Backstage Passes!

The Medallion Hunt was quite a marathon tonight, and, much to our surprise, there was not one winner, not two winners, but fourteen winners! Whoever said that CMCers are competitive would have been amazed by the teamwork at play tonight. The group all agreed that Michael Kotler and Kyle Shipley '12 should be credited for their success, so congratulations to Team Kotler and Shipley for winning two front row tickets to LMFAO and a TNC in their honor. Now, without further delay, The Forum would like to announce the winner of the two backstage passes to LMFAO...

Theresa Lomneth '14!

Theresa and her friend Marisa won Tuesday night's hunt by finding the medallion hidden on the third base of the softball field.

Below is a list of all the final clues and the locations they hinted towards. Before that, we would just like to thank you all for participating. The Medallion Hunt 2011 has been an exciting couple of nights and the enthusiasm from the student body is greatly appreciated. Hope to see you all at the LMFAO concert!

Tonight's Hunt:

1. The first clue was a crossword puzzle that directed you to the Center for Human Rights Leadership on south campus.


2. The second clue was the following:

Ben and I used to watch sports together.

Then he moved on to some place better.

Was I too loud?

Was I annoying?

I always noticed people walk by

Without even saying hi

Do you even know I’m there?

Maybe you are just too busy to care.

Now just my parents live next to me

At least I have some beach view property

This clue directed you to the small building which houses machines that sound like ping pong balls located between Parents Field and the old tennis courts.


3. The third clue was the following:

Shortly past a gravel road

Kept in sight and sometimes mowed

Your next stop is far away

But under the stars is where I lay

Out in the open I may be

XRay may still be the key

This one was pretty tricky until you realized the first letter of every line spelled out "SKYBOX" - then you just felt silly, right?


4. The final clue was the following:

The first night was a quest for tea

For 28 years, I’ve celebrated wisdom

A place for ideas, I have become

One of my possessions an alum has brought

A beautiful rug with 12 million hand tied knots

I am a popular spot to dine and dash

And an even better place to crash

Now take this clue

divide it in two

And in the middle you shall find me.

This one took the lucky winners to the Flemson Fountain where they had to get a little wet to retrieve that medallion.