The Grand Finale: The Fourth Clue

Update: The Medallion for Wednesday night has been found! Congratulations to Theresa Lomneth and Marisa Orozco '14 for finding the medallion last night! It was located on the third base of the softball field.

Tonight is the grand finale, ya'll, and we at the Forum and ASCMC are ready to bring it. Tonight's prize is two front row tickets to LMFAO, and a TNC in your honor with your choice of music and theme! Additionally, the raffle for two backstage passes to LMFAO will take place tonight. Contrary to what was earlier reported, the raffle will happen immediately after the fourth medallion is found. The winner of the backstage pass will be announced on the Forum's Facebook page. The exact time of the raffle cannot be determined because it depends on how long it takes all of you to find the last medallion.

Now, we will get to the fun part. CMC, we heard your outcry for a challenge. Well, we say, "You want it? You got it!" Tonight's medallion won't come easy, you must solve multiple clues. First up we have a little bit more thoughtful puzzle. The next clue is located at a place described by the answers to the following crossword. All the words you come up with relate in some way to the place where your next clue is waiting.


4. At CMC, we all have strong _______ skills.

6. Asher

8. Margaret Fuller advocated for

9. Schindler's List

10. Author awarded a Nobel Peace Prize

12. This actor "sees dead people"

13. The general that makes your cereal


1. Hotel Rwanda

2. The nucleus' location

3. How to live on a dollar a day

5. Law & Order: _______ Intent

7. Everyone deserves clean _______.

11. Greek word for "character"

As always, meet Kelsey at the Hub once you have found the medallion.

Just as a reminder, all of the medallions are hidden on CMC’s campus, so please don’t waste your precious time running to other campuses! Also, everything you need to win is in an open space and public places.  Please do not jump any fences or go into locked buildings.  If you think a clue or the prize is in there...think again.