A Little Hint

Update: The Medallion has been found! To give all of you who are still working on the first clue a bit of a push, the crossword puzzle should have lead you to the Center for Human Rights Leadership which is located on south campus on Mills. 

The next clue is:

Ben and I used to watch sports together.

Then he moved on to some place better.

Was I too loud?

Was I annoying?

I always noticed people walk by

Without even saying hi

Do you even know I’m there?

Maybe you are just too busy to care.

Now just my parents live next to me

At least I have some beach view property

Good luck! As always, meet Kelsey at the Hub after you find the medallion!

Just as a reminder, all of the medallions are hidden on CMC’s campus, so please don’t waste your precious time running to other campuses! Also, everything you need to win is in an open space and public places.  Please do not jump any fences or go into locked buildings.  If you think a clue or the prize is in there…think again.