Out With The Old, In With The New

Dear CMC, It has been a year now since Abhi Nemani handed over the reigns of the Forum to us. Before we too pass on the leadership of the Forum to your incoming Editor-in-Chief Heath Hyatt '12, we must make a number of acknowledgments. First, the Forum as you know it exists almost entirely as a result of the tireless work of the two managing editors: Cara Daley '11 and Laura Sucheski '11. Their grueling dedication and creativity were the backbone (and some might argue the brains) of the entire organization.

Similar compliments must also be extended to our section editors: Alexander Bargmann '11, Alex Mitchell '11, and Erica Bellman '12, always on the lookout for the next point of debate, the next snapshot, the next big thing on campus. And of course, there were our business managers: Paige Costello '12 and Andrew Yeh '11, whose dedicatedly trudged about the village looking for clients. And how can we forget our dedicated web managers: Arielle Zuckerberg '11 and Neal Kemp '13 who humored our ignorant late night phone calls ("Neal! The site is doing something weird!") And where would a news site be without its writers and its photographers who diligently met deadlines with creativity and panache. Of course, there are also editors of old to thank: Abhi Nemani '10, Emily Meinhardt '10, Ross Boomer '09, Josh Siegel '10 -- all of whom at one point or another inspired, guided, and ultimately created the Forum you now see today.

But really, the one person we need to thank is you. Yes, you, CMC student. Thank you for your compliments, your complaints, your ideas, and your debates. Your criticism, your crudeness, your humor, your kindness, and your taste -- you've expressed all of these things on our pages and at our events, and it is these viewpoints that have made the Forum successful.

Thanks for the great year. And best of luck on the next.


Carl Peaslee and Michael Wilner

The Editors-in-Chief, 2010-2011


Photo credit: Heidi Carlson '12