Decision 2011: President & V.P.

· President ·

Jessica Mao

Number one priority: "My top priority will be to better engage the student body in event planning and student life by finding as many ways as possible to communicate with them, incorporate their ideas, and bridge any ambiguity between the students and the ASCMC Executive Board."

Why should you be elected?

"Why I'm running: I love CMC and the best way to repay this school for the growth and education I've experienced is GIVE MY TIME.

Track record: I've been in Senate and the Elections Committee for two years. I'm currently the Student Manager at the Athenaeum and Presidential Advisor on the ASCMC Executive Board.

This is why I'm hot: I'm organized, freakishly thorough, and reliable. I'm approachable and know from teaching PE Turbo-Kickboxing how to shamelessly pump people up! Lezzz gooo!

Plans: As ASCMC President, I'll hold hours in the Hub where you can come up to complain, make suggestions, or ask questions. Incorporating your voice into the planning process is my mission!

Enough about me, I want to get to know YOU. Elect me as your ASCMC President and I promise to give 100% of my dedication. With our collective efforts, we can make 2011-2012 the best year ever!"


Edward La Cava

Number one priority: "Fight to keep our traditions alive and bring the best ones back."

Why should you be elected?

"As a student it is easy to see how Claremont is one of the best schools in our nation. Quality of education is important but what happens outside the classroom jumps off the page.  This school is young, built on amazing traditions and I can impact them positively.  Coming back from study abroad, my fresh set of eyes will benefit ASCMC.  I build working relationships well and as liaison between the students and the administration this will be key in representing you, the student.  I plan on bringing back our best traditions like Madrigals and the intramural bowling league while strengthening existing traditions like the Wedding Party and Idea Night.  I will use the budget to target good ideas, popular clubs, and events, ensuring participation by all parts of our population.  When this occurs, I will love CMC more and I know the student body will too.

Vote Ed!!!"


Will Kahn

Number one priority: "As it stands now, the relationship between ASCMC and the student body is too one-sided and frequently disappointing; I want to foster a more inclusive, two-way relationship between ASCMC and the students it is supposed to represent and serve."

Why should you be elected?

"A vote for me means a vote for you and your ideas. More student participation in ASCMC will revitalize the campus. As much fun as they are, the formulaic and repetitive nature of parties at CMC—loud music, alcohol, lights off—doesn’t reflect the diversity and talent of the student body. I would change the approach to entertainment at CMC by favoring smaller, intimate performances (like the White Party) over the current approach—one large act that invariably disappoints some portion of the student body. We can get lesser known acts more often for lower costs. How great would it be to see your favorite up-and-coming band in the middle of North Quad? To be here, CMCers all have to have some kind of unique talent and ability—let’s harness those talents, tap into those abilities to make CMC the best it can be. Together we can make it happen."

· Vice President ·

Aditya Pai

Number one priority: "My top priority will be to be an approachable, helpful, and effective Chair of the Senate."

Why should you be elected?

"My candidacy is unopposed, but it’s not uninspired. It’s inspired by a belief that ASCMC matters – that it can improve campus life. As two-term Class President, I did fun things that brought 2013 together; as Vice-President, I’ll do it for all of CMC. That means helping you rage responsibly. But it also means using Senate and Exec. Board to help you attend Coachella, hike Baldy, and study hard. I’ll pursue these priorities, and I’ll pursue them with the input and support of others.

Because more important than what I did as class president is how I did it: with a ton of help. I’ve never been a solo act, and won’t be one as Vice-President. I think it’s foolish to claim I have all the answers – that I’m somehow uniquely qualified to improve this school. I’m not, and never will be. But what I can do is recognize talent in others, bring them together, and get things done.

I may not need your vote to be VP, but I’ll need your support to be a good one."


Editor’s Note: Because the ASCMC Constitution forbids candidates from online campaigning and the authors of comments cannot be exactly identified, we have disallowed commenting on this and all other election-related posts.