Decision 2011: Social Chairs

· Dormitory Activities Council Chair (DAC) ·


Peter Fankuchen

Number one priority: "Party hard(er)."

Why should you be elected?

"I have years of related experience, including sitting on the board I wish to chair, twice, and organizing schoolwide events as a highschool student body president. Perhaps more importantly, I have an even longer history of throwing parties. As DAC, I would try to introduce a greater diversity of nighttime and daytime dorm events, and hopefully bring glitchmob back, or at least pursue bringing more live dance music to our parties. I also believe student input is an essential part of my job."

Steven Limandibhratha

Number one priority: "My number one priority is improving the variety and themes of the parties around CMC."

Why should you be elected?

"Although I’m only a freshman, I believe that my international background gives me the advantage of having a different perspective. I’ve been throwing parties in the Philippines since I was 17, with attendance ranging from 150 to 400 people. I know what it takes to throw a good party. In collaboration with the freshman class president, I was able to take a lead role in organizing four parties: Freshman pong tournament, Garden of Eden pregame, Freshman Fiesta, and the Ski Club Party. As DAC I’ll work hard, pick things up quickly, and get things done."


Clare Riva

Number one priority: "My main priority is yes, to throw great TNCs, and also to expand dorm and CMC social life to encompass more than Thursday nights."

Why should you be elected?

"At CMC, I have seen many great barbeques, TNCs, sports games, hub quizzes, trips to Baldy, and other events.  As your Dorm Affairs Chair (DAC), I will normalize these great aspects of CMC social life, beyond what goes on the Party Inform.

I have been on the Dorm Affairs Committee my entire time here, and I have also been on ASCMC Executive Board this term.  So I have plenty of experience event-planning and working with DOS.  I want to use this experience to continue throwing great parties, and to create closer dorm communities.  We can do this by making sure each dorm has an event for its residents at least every other week.  I also want to increase attendance at athletic events by having events before and after, such as tailgates or parties.

CMC, vote for me, and I will bring experience and diversity to your social chairs."


· Student Activities  Council Chair (SAC) ·


Will Brown

Number one priority: "Party hard(er)."

Why should you be elected?

"You should vote for me for Social Affairs Chair not only because I’m the only candidate running, but because I’m entirely qualified for the position. I served as Boswell dorm president during the entirety of 2010. During this time I threw four TNCs and spearheaded the planning and execution of Oktoberfest.

Some common criticisms of previous students who’ve held SAC are that their parties are poorly themed, poorly timed, ill attended, and generally not reflective of the popular consensus amongst the student body. To combat this pitfall, I want to garner your input on party themes, acts to bring to campus, and other social events. Immediately upon my election, I will send out a school wide email inviting students who want to be involved in planning the social scene to apply to be on the Social Affairs Committee."

· Student Life Council Chair (SLC) ·

Number one priority: "I want to find out what events CMC wants to see more of, and plan them!"

Why should you be elected?

"Vote for me, because Hilary rhymes with SLC!  Ok, I do have better reasons than that, but it was very helpful for making posters!  I may only be a freshman, but I LOVE CMC!  Student Life Chair would be the perfect way to help me help you!  I have a lot of experience with event planning, and I am very organized.  I was involved in student government for three years of high school, earned my Girl Scout Gold Award (like the girls’ version of an Eagle Scout), and was captain of my cross country team.  Also, I’ve been a Fawcett Dorm Senator since the beginning of this year.  I will listen to what all of YOU guys want, and do my best to plan events YOU want to see.  HIL-A-RY, S-L-C, Vote-4-Me!  Got it?  Good!"


Burk Zanft

Number one priority: "Making everyone feel welcome at SLC events."

Why should you be elected?

"I think everybody at CMC should be able to have a good time at any event. I know what it's like to skip right through the SLC emails because the dry events listed therein don't apply to the party animal inside of me. I know what it's like to sit in my room Thursday nights because I can't bear five sober minutes at TNC. I hope we'll feel more comfortable going out when I use SLC funds to provide non-alcoholic drinks at parties. I hope events that appeal to the whole school (Karaoke, Open Mics, Arts & Crafts, Food Fights, live student bands) will be enjoyed by all students whether they pregamed with a bottle or an Xbox. I hope to follow Grace's lead in planning off-campus activities, and to make every student feel welcome walking on the SLC bus. CMC, unite the parties. Come together, right now, over me."


Editor’s Note: Because the ASCMC Constitution forbids candidates from online campaigning and the authors of comments cannot be exactly identified, we have disallowed commenting on this and all other election-related posts.