Decision 2011: Class Presidents

· Class of 2012 President ·


Austin Hallett

Number one priority: "I will fight to keep the traditions alive! Thesis fountain party and the Vegas and San Diego trips."

Why should you be elected?

"I am involved.  As a CMCer, I have taken classes alongside many of you, I have represented our schools on the field and in the pool, and I have celebrated with all of you.

I listen.  Our class is extremely intelligent.  I have ideas for how our class will share our final CMC memories, but I value your opinion. Thus, it is imperative that I receive your opinion.  I guarantee that I will ask every one for input.

I will fight for our class, because I care about our class.  Upholding an outstanding relationship with the Dean of Students office, and good relationships with every member of our class, I will be an effective advocate for our class.

Because I am involved, I listen, and I care, I will be the most effective senior class president.  However, I cannot conquer next year without your help.  We are in this together"


Mary Doyle

Number one priority: "Class of 2012: let’s grow old together."

Why should you be elected?

"Selected facets of my presidential philosophy, should I be elected:

- bus drivers > designated drivers

- meal plan or no meal plan--everyone loves cupcakes

- love > money...but senior class love is more fun with lots of money

- the bar (like my door!) will always be open

In sum, I am deeply passionate about fun, and I know how to plan an event. I know most of you--I hope to get to know the rest--and I love this class very, very much. You deserve the yummiest, smoothest, most sensational senior year, and I will ensure it happens."


· Class of 2013 President ·

Connor Barclay

Number one priority: "Uniting our class during a year which inevitably pulls people apart to far flung reaches of the world."

Why should you be elected?

"I will keep this short and sweet - like me! So, why should you vote for me?

* I want to make you happy. I will do anything and everything in my power to ensure you have a great year. Your satisfaction is my number one priority.

* I know ASCMC inside and out. I have experience with everything from Budget Committee to Senate and I know the pathways which will allow me to get things done efficiently and effectively.

* I am open and receptive to ideas from anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter if you're my best friend or if I've never met you. I will listen to what you have to say and take action.

Vote for me, Connor Barclay, and let's make our junior year extraordinary!"


Betty Rosenfield

Number one priority: "To throw a fantastic Monte Carlo and many memorable junior class functions."

Why should you be elected?

"There is a reason CMC has the “happiest students.” Unlike many colleges, our events are not run by an administration but by our student peers who love and want to improve upon our amazing school.  CMC has contributed so much to my life, and I would love to give back. I can make next year great by throwing an amazing Monte Carlo and serving as the concrete link between juniors abroad and on campus.

I have leadership experience as I was an elected student leader throughout high school. I have been on senate and am currently dorm president. I love that I can walk into Collins any time and find a table of people to sit with or hangout in north quad and constantly be greeted by friends and teachers. My outgoing personality is my greatest strength that I will bring to the job if elected."

· Class of 2014 President ·


Gavin Landgraf

Number one priority: "My number one priority is to remain in touch with the wishes of all my fellow class members—from North Quad to South Quad, I want our whole class to be represented in ASCMC."

Why should you be elected?

"My vision for my presidency of the class of 2014 is to not be a president.  I do not want to be the head authority of our class—I want to remain simply a member.  If I were president of the class of 2014, the only difference between my relationship with you before and after the election would be that I would represent you in ASCMC.

As your representative, I would have one goal: to stay in touch with you.  I plan to have specific hours during which I will be in my room so that you can come and personally share your ideas and concerns with me.  In addition to continuing the Class of 2014 pre-game parties on certain Friday nights, I would plan other events, such as a class trip to the beach.  Finally, if you elect me class president, I will subsidize Class of 2014 tanks."


Andrew Bergman

Number one priority: "Class trip to Santa Monica and a live TV taping of The Price is Right."

Why should you be elected?

"CMC is incredible because we have it all: top-notch academics, extraordinary athletics, and a close-knit community.  Like many of you, I am hard-working, passionate, fun-loving, and outgoing.  Together, we thrive in Claremont, the place we call “home”.

It has been a pleasure getting to know the Class of 2014.  You are a group of talented individuals with numerous and diverse passions.  I look forward to meeting every one of you.

As president, I intend to maximize your enjoyment of next year.  This means that my job will be to facilitate your ideas and, if you’d like to get involved, I would gladly receive your help.  I envision class trips, parties, and BBQs.  I have the experience required to achieve these ends.  As current president of Benson Hall, I am familiar with ASCMC and the party-throwing process.  If elected, I will hit the ground running.

Thank you for your support!"



Max Zipperman

Number one priority:"I want the 2011-2012 year to be "outrageous fun" for all (sophomores)."

Why should you be elected?

"Future Sophomores, you have the right to have as much fun as humanly possible this upcoming year. An integral part of this fun, I believe, is utilizing the potential of friendship, more specifically that of classmates you have not had the privilege of meeting so far. Which is why, if elected, I would prioritize Sophomore Class bonding experiences in 2011-2012. Whether that be a bad-ass old-school style Super Smash Bros. Tournament, a water sports day on Parents Field, or a Sophomore Class Trip to Six Flags, I'd listen to you guys, see what you guys want to do, and get it done. Additionally, creative party themes are a must. I have some zany ones brewing, and am responsible for some of the fun ones we've had this year. Freshman Friday Fiesta was my idea, and I am a chief architect of this weekend's Freshman Olympics. Remember…Crescit cum commercio civitas."


Alexandra Cooke

Number one priority: "Class Unity and Boisterous Entertainment."

Why should you be elected?

"It’s official: the class of 2014 is head over heels in love with CMC. So what’s next? Establishing a class identity. We are over the uncertainties of being a freshman, so now it’s time to show CMC who the class of 2014 is. We have all formed our groups of friends (Berg Crew, Boys Town, etc.), but as class president I want to unite us as one larger group. We all bring something different to the table, so let’s share that with each other: BBQ, a beach day, midnight bowling, camp out on Parent’s Field (s’mores included), and obviously great parties so we can “rage.” I like to have a good time, so I promise to follow through. As president I am here for you, 2014. Come to me with ideas; I’m an approachable, friendly and outgoing person. As Ke$ha says, “We r who we r,” so let’s show CMC."


Editor’s Note: Because the ASCMC Constitution forbids candidates from online campaigning and the authors of comments cannot be exactly identified, we have disallowed commenting on this and all other election-related posts.