Congratulations Seniors! Alert: Senior Thesis Fountain Party is ON.

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As most of you already know (they're seniors, they're allowed to brag about it), 78 Claremont McKenna College Seniors have officially dotted the i's and crossed the t's on those dreaded theses. The end of thesis means the beginning of a years-old tradition: the senior fountain party. Do not be alarmed if you see a crowd of swimwear-clad seniors dancing around the Hub fountain this afternoon as they celebrate the end of thesis and engage in general debauchery.

As a warning to all students: stay clear of the fountain if you do not wish to arrive in class  as if you forgot to undress before showering this morning. In other words, take a different route to your west campus classes or be mindful of the watery dangers nearby.

SENIORS: Congrats on a job well-done and try not to seek out expensive-looking accessories or scared freshman to abuse.  HAVE FUN!  And don't do this.

Congratulations Seniors!