The Kravis Center Dedication: There’s a Great View from The Top

What’s orange and blocky, holds five centers and research institutes, and cost just over 1% of Henry Kravis’ net worth? This coming Friday the 21st, Claremont McKenna's Kravis Center it will be swarming with students, faculty dressed in academic regalia, staff, employees, fellows, and visitors for its Dedication Ceremony, including the official ribbon cutting to take place at 4pm. Between panels, sumptuous snacks, tours of the building, and the ceremony itself, the Kravis Center Dedication this Friday is sure to draw students from far, far away (hey there, Towers) to enjoy the festivities. Though the official opening is Friday, several departments began moving in during the summer.  Sarah Orr, the Executive Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute identifies moving into the Kravis Center as “the first time we as a faculty and staff have been in one place, which is wonderful.”  She added, “Being able to bring us all together has been really extraordinary. It’s just that it’s enabled us to do so much more – plus the view is extraordinary.“ Alex Heiney, CMC senior and Research Assistant at the Salvatori Center gives a humorous take on move-in mishaps, “I'm just thankful that Kravis always has an air of excitement because a water pipe may burst in the Salvatori Center at any minute.”  Despite a few last-minute final touches and corrections, The Kravis Center is now completely ready to officially open its doors this Friday.

Friday will be jam-packed with events from noon onward.  From tours and open houses to a convocation to a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebratory reception, visitors to the Dedication will be sure to have a good time  The Kravis Leadership Institute is hosting informal discussions on diverse topics, consulting workshops and dialogues, a dinner for Kravis Fellows and students, and even a workshop entitled  “The Lessons I wish I’d Learned While at CMC.”  The Salvatori Center will be hosting a seminar entitled “Are Corporations Persons Under the Constitution?” on Friday from 1:00-2:15 in Kravis 327 that will address “the issues surrounding corporate speech in our constitutional democracy.”  For a more specific list of events refer to each department’s website. Arguably the most anticipated event is the "Lunch with Henry Kravis" taking place at the Marian Minor Cook Athenaeum at 11:30am. Forum Editor-in-Chief Heath Hyatt will moderate the lunch alongside Tova Markowitz, the Student Manager at KLI.

And now to address the question on everyone’s mind, what exactly is the purpose of the cube?  Despite speculation that it will be used to temporarily imprison students who repeatedly lose their ID cards, rest assured that there is indeed a reasonable purpose for the space. Dean Mary Spellman sets the record straight explaining, “The glass room is a “living room” – a place for students to relax, study, talk.  A common, shared space for the CMC community to come together.” Whether you enjoy being studied while studying or you’re searching for a location other than Scripps’ Pool to catch some rays while you soak up some knowledge, the living room is calling your name.   Of course, with all the invisible walls and reflecting pools of water, be sure to watch your step on Friday. Heiney explained “I wish they would have left the moat around it so I could continue to watch students with bad depth perception fall in.”

So how can we adequately thank Henry Kravis for the generous gift he has given our campus?  Orr succinctly replies that the answer is simple, “by saying thank you.”  Dean Spellman agrees that a proper tribute would be to “Enjoy the space and participate in Friday’s dedication events.” Orr adds  “The other thing that he really appreciates is the scholarship of students and knowing how students value CMC, because he truly loves CMC.  So it’s your appreciation for this opportunity that really matters."

For a full list of events, click here.