Senate Beats

This article marks the first edition of Senate Beats for the 2011/2012 academic school year, a series which details important facts and events from Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) Senate meetings each Monday.  Here's what happened last night!

  1. The ASCMC Senate enjoyed a change of scenery. Both Bauer Forum and Pickford Auditorium were occupied at the Senate’s new starting time, so all of the Senator’s trudged upstairs to Bauer 35 where they filed in, filling every chair and most of the floor space. It may not have been the most comfortable senate session in the history of the group, but I'm pretty sure that everyone got to know each other a little better.
  2. For all Senators, it's time to sign up for committees! Senate President Aditya Pai explained that all Senators interested in joining a committee must submit their applications by tomorrow, Tuesday September 20th.
  3. Jim Nauls, Dean of Student Activities, stopped by to talk about changes in student trips budget this year. Nauls noted that the student trip fund received more funding this year and, as a result, “we have programs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the semester.” He did explain that “chances are we will not do anything this semester, as far as concerts,” but that “we do movies every Friday night.” To conclude, he made sure to remind all students with ideas and proposals for student trips to simply drop in and let him know.
  4. The Chair of the Administrative Affairs Committee, Adam Griffith (who’s that guy?) explained that the process for funding requests will be modified this year to decrease the amount of time spent on them at weekly meetings. Rather than going straight to the Senate general body, requests will now first go to the Administrative Affairs, who will provide recommendations on all funding requests.
  5. The vote for freshmen class President will be held on Tuesday, September 20th , following speeches from each candidate at snack on Monday night.
  6. Aditya Pai introduced a new section to the night’s Senate session that he calls Open Senate. During this period of the meeting, any and all CMC students can come before the Senate and describe a personal grievance or campus-wide problem for discussion. Tonight, two speakers came forward.
  •      First, CMC student Jack Oliphant described his efforts to convince the Consortium to pay to keep the Honnold/Mudd library open later on weeknights. Thanks to his perseverance in bringing the problem before the administration, he described an upcoming trial program during which students will be able to study in the library café until 3AM to gauge the level of interest in such a time change.
  •      Second, Tyler McBrien, Chair of the Senate Student Trips Committee described efforts by his committee to explore a number of new options for school-supported spring break programs, such as a possible W.O.A-like set of excursions during the course of the break.