They Said What? Freshman Class President Speeches Edition

Couldn't make the speeches? Want to hear what they had to say? The Forum is doing live blogging of the great one liners and inspiring messages delivered tonight, Monday September 19th, by the candidates for Freshman Class President (2015).


The speeches started at 11:00 pm


Abby Michaelson

Just to put it plain and simply, I love CMC. We are all extremely qualified...but I can offer something special.

I am energetic, creative and get things done!

Last year I created really fun Saturday parties and tailgates

The professors are here for the academics and I am hereto make sure you have the best freshman year ever

I want to bring in tailgating...with In N' Out and beverages for tailgates


Jake Shimkus

If I were running for freshman class president of Pitzer I would probably say 'duuude vote for peace man'

If I were running for freshman class president at Scripps...we would have a serious problem

But I am running for freshman class president at CMC

Best year ever!

Freshman class president is the voice of the class

I am going to create a Facebook group and bring you all together

I need your vote!


Garrett Wells

I have a Golden Retriever named "Brady"

I am a pretty friendly guy! I enjoy meeting new people

One of my favorite parts of Claremont is everyone has at least one redeeming quality that got them in here

Everyone is smart...interesting and has great ideas. I want to bring together like PowerRangers that come together at the right moment to create one badass machine

Claremont has lots and lots of idea. But getting from the ideas to them actually happening is where it usually falls apart

I have had a lot of experience as president of my high school, camp counselor and dorm bra


Aseem Chipalkatti

My name is Aseem and I want to be YOUR freshman class president.

If you make me your president I will make sure you will not get left behind.

I will make sure your freshman year is the most amazing year you have ever had

You can read about what I want to do on my statement on the Forum


Demetrius Lalanne:

I am extremely amiable...

The role of the freshman call president is to plan parties

Some ideas I have for the freshman class is a freshman-sophomore mixer... a 5C freshman mixer...

If I were elected Freshman Prez I would create a council to plan events. The council would have a President, Vice President and two members of every quad to execute freshman events

If you want big dreams and a big personality vote for Big D! The candidates also submitted profiles to the Forum. Click here to view those profiles.

Don't forget, voting takes place tomorrow outside of Collins. If you need an absentee ballot contact Jessica Mao.

The Forum will post the results as soon as they are available.