The Field of Flags at the Claremont Colleges

On Sunday, May 1 students helped install 4,255 flags on Pitzer's Commencement Plaza. The flags commemorate the Holocaust, each signifying 2,000 victims, and the are color coded to represent different religious, ethnic, and social communities. Anna Goldberg, PZ '12, and Brianna Moffitt, PZ '11, spearheaded the project. Goldberg notes that the project "was Brianna's idea, and she saw it originally at Cornell, but it was done differently there...we revamped it to fit Pitzer."


Part of the revamping included the intermingling the flags and focusing on all of the groups targeted during one of history's most bloody genocides. Goldberg adds, "We really wanted it to be a human issue, and that's why it was important for us to put all the flags together and have information about all the different groups killed."

The event coincides with Holocaust remembrance day, which is on May 2. The flags and informational posters will remain up for five days, from May 1 until Friday, May 6. "It's a constant reminder to never can't ignore it," Goldberg notes.

The flags were completely handmade, which required a serious recruiting effort on the part of Goldberg and Moffitt. Goldberg notes that the entire community contributed to creating flags. Aside from Goldberg and Moffitt, the Jewish Cultural Life Committee (JCLC) at Pitzer, Active Minds (a psychology group at Pitzer that works with the handicapped), Res Life at Pitzer, and Hillel at the Claremont Colleges helped sponsor the project.

Goldberg hopes that field of flags will continue every year, noting, "I want there to be more programming next year. This was a guinea pig for bigger and better things in years to come."

The sight of over 4,000 flags is truly a breathtaking scene, and is worth checking out in the next week. The commencement plaza is located a few yards Northwest of Pitzer's dining hall.  Stop by the field anytime before Friday, and if you want to lend a hand, come help take down the flags on Friday, May 6 at 12 pm.