ASCMC Letter to Students


Dear CMC,

We are your new ASCMC Executive Board, and we are excited to get started.  On Monday, March 21st, each of us was sworn into office and into a year-long marriage with the Claremont McKenna College  student body.

CMC: we love you.  To back up our claims of devotion, check out for minutes from this week’s meeting.  There, you’ll find goals listed by each member of the board, as well as some our missions for the upcoming year.  Together, we hope to make ASCMC an open, approachable, and efficient organization that improves student life.

Here are some of our priorities:


As much as our new President, Jessica Mao, doesn’t like the term, transparency is the only word to describe our mission of communicating thoroughly with you, the CMC student.  From quickly posted meeting minutes to a regular Forum presence, we will update you on major events and discussions within ASCMC.  Look out for weekly office hours and a Meet ASCMC Ice Cream Social.  If you have any concerns, please contact us anytime at  We want to hear your questions, ideas, and complaints and make sure your voice is represented.

Events, Traditions, and Student Life
This board will focus on throwing great, well-planned events.  Parties, yes, but also great concerts, competitions, and creative events, like a revival of laser tag or golfing on Green Beach.  Even if Madrigals can’t return, a formal holiday dinner is in the works.  We’ll help you start a club, go to Coachella, or hike up Baldy at midnight.  Get stoked for the Dodgers Outing, Marathon Party, and the Pirate Party!  Too much fun to handle?  Recover at the Hangover Hangout.

Campus Improvement

We seek to better define roles in and beyond the Executive Board.  It’s understandable that the class presidents, social chairs, and other members are focused on their particular events—the next TNC, Dodgers trip, or Monte Carlo.  But general campus improvement should be as important as campus events, and unlike in past years, ASCMC will have people working toward this goal.

We’ll utilize the new presidential advisors and revive Senate committees to voice student views on campus life and advocate for changes.  We have big plans to tackle: improving the social and academic balance of campus life, enhancing student-administration communication.  And simple things matter, too: coffee machines in the lounges, for example, or more whiteboards on campus.  While these designated committees intend to explore and execute the larger issues, we’ll remember that small changes can also make a big impact.

Student Gov 2.0

Finally, we will make it a priority to leverage web technology to make ASCMC more efficient.  How can we improve the check request system?  How can we make it easier to start and run a club?  How can we keep people better informed?  Those are the kinds of questions we are already asking, and your input will be much appreciated.  Some of our anticipated web renovations include:

  • Renovating the online ASCMC Store to be more accessible, feature more items, and possibly accept Claremont Cash
  • Integrating a News & Updates blog to the website
  • Posting a schedule of events that covers the current month
  • Enhancing our social networking accounts and maintaining up-to-date photo albums
  • Updating to make your club involvement easier

In sum, we already have a lot of great ideas we are beginning to put into action.  We are ambitious, but we do not expect to do these things alone.  Will Brown has selected an SAC Committee, Mary Doyle has created a team for 2012 events, and Pai will need new leaders in Senate (could be you!).  Even if you don’t take a formal role, please talk to us about your ideas.  We want to make CMC the best that it can be, and we’ll need your help to do it.


ASCMC Board of Directors 2011-2012

President - Jessica Mao Vice President - Aditya Pai Dorm Affairs Chair - Clare Riva Social Affairs Chair - William Brown Student Life Chair - Burk Zanft Class of 2011 President - Cara Daley Class of 2012 President - Mary Doyle Class of 2013 President - Connor Barclay Class of 2014 President - Gavin Landgraf

The remaining members of the board have been appointed by members of the Elections Committee and Jessica Mao. We are proud to announce:

Chief Financial Officer - Lacey McLean Campus Organizations Chair - Edward La Cava Executive Secretary - Alexandra Cooke Forum Editor-in-Chief - Heath Hyatt Student Security Director - Edward Mills President Pro-Tempore - Miles Lifson RA Liaison - Taylon Johnson Financial Advisor - Andrew Oetting Presidential Advisor - Catye Cantrall Presidential Advisor - Michael Lapadot