New Kravis Technological Center Will Increase Computers on Campus

The opening of the Kravis Center next fall will bring about yet another new computer center: the Kravis Technological Center (KTC), located on the first floor of the building.

According to Michael Malsed, Assistant Director for Student Technology Services, the KTC will replace Bauer 22 (or the Bauer Technology Classroom, BTC,) in the fall of next year. Currently, the BTC has 20 computers, but the KTC will net increase capacity with 32 computers.

The BTC functions both as a classroom during the daytime and as a computer lab during the night with a functioning printer. As of now, the KTC will function solely as a classroom. Malsed is unsure of whether or not it will eventually serve as a lab at nighttime.

While Malsed is thrilled with the opening of a new computer center, he notes that "the (placement of) KTC will create an imbalanced effect on campus." The closing of the BTC will effectively isolate the eastern bloc of campus from relatively easily accessible computer access.

Malsed is always eager to build more labs though, and mentions that he has broached the idea for an apartment lab several times, indicating that the lab "would be small, it would maybe have six or seven computers." This proposal is tabled for now, since, as Malsed indicates, funding is always an issue. "The problems are always twofold: space and money," he told the Forum. "We are a cramped college, finding space is always an issue."

The opening of the Kravis Center will help rectify the issue of space, but unfortunately it doesn't help those who live in the apartments or want a lab in the eastern section of campus. Without sufficient funds though, it doesn't look like labs other than the KTC will be opening up any time soon.