Your Disney Hunt Clues



Welcome to CMC's second annual Disney Character Hunt.

Twelve of Walt's creations have hidden themselves on CMC's campus.

The difficulty of each clue correlates with the difficulty you will have finding each character. Teams of four have been preselected to hunt each character down. They earn points per discovery, and the first team back to North Quad with all points wins four tickets to Disneyland from ASCMC.


A very merry unbirthday to you

Now, let’s drink our drinks and celebrate

Come to the garden

And don’t be late


“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood”

And we took the one that went South

Finding 1101 makes you quite good

Keep it a secret and shut your mouth


(101 minus 92) in 1 of these

(101 minus 95) of these in 1 of those

(101 minus 98) of these and you’re out


The mines are all tapped out

And Snow White left with some dude

So, we’re back to work fixing up your transportation

Whistling to stay in a good mood


Trapped in a castle of discourse

Rose petals falling and time running out

Waiting for my Beauty to rescue me

I must call for your help with a desperate shout

Run, come quick to Athena’s great temple

But, keep your wits about you

Because my challenge is not simple


As a Wilderness Explorer Scout it is my sworn duty

To pursue Kevin wherever he goes


And Kevin has respect for sport

A third place national finish

Is enough for Kevin

To find solace on their home court


Waiting for you on a bridge in the sky

Might be just a little too daring

But with our problem free philosophy

You won’t catch us caring


Flipping your fins you don’t get too far

That’s why I’m at CMC

Despite its awkward shaped classes

This building of learning is the place to be


Sanctuary can be found at the tallest point

But, where could it possibly be?

I will say I feel much safer with

Edward S. Gould  right next to me


By day a voice is booming

By night a couple fighting to be on top

She’s trapped, better save her

From this notorious hook-up spot


The Huns are attacking!

Mushu is worried about his next meal,

But I’m more worried about my father’s replacement


Sherwood forrest is such a long way away

To stay in one spot would not be smart

The Nottingham Sherrif is hot on our trail

If he catches us we’re through ‘cause he has no heart

But, if you give a shout we’ll stop for a moment

If you don’t get our points you may not succeed

But, those tickets are worth it