No Shave November Contest

Ever notice unusually conspicuous amounts of facial hair around campus throughout the month of November? It's not just because the chilly weather makes growing your own personal face warmer seem more appealing.  Blame the increase of CMC hairiness on 52 Claremont McKenna students who partook in Student Life Council’s No Shave November contest. Every week the boys and two girls came to snack to have their picture taken to record their progress over the month. Vote for the best beard below and the winner will have a $200 donation given in his name to the American Cancer Society, specifically for prostate cancer.

“No Shave November was started to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, and we want to stay true to that,” said SLC Chair Alexandra Cooke ’14.

Only 24 students lasted all of November in the competition including Cameron Bernhardt ’15, Palin Liu ’15, Christian Mkpado ’15, Christian Ayala ’15, Chad Tarpley ’15, Dante Toppa ’15, Caleb Cunha ’15, Cora Miller ’15, Sydney Stephenson ’15, Tyler Sonnemaker ’15, Christian Neumeister ’15, Marc Blumberg ’15, Nadeem Farooqi ’15, Shantanu Garg ’14, Daniel Price ’14, Andrew Bergman ’14, Felipe Fagundes ’14, Nick Gillette ’14, Jon Steck ’13, Greyson Blue ’13, Evan Nigh ’13, Danny Polyakov ’12, Schuyler Kruizenga ’12, and Jake Petzold ’12. The contest had originally 52 participants, but over the past month students dropped out for various reasons.  Let's face it: beards can be a hassle.  They itch, they catch food, and they make kissing a little awkward.  Plus, not all beards are created equal, and some faces either can't grow them evenly or get a little too enthusiastic and produce overwhelming gobs of hair.

One of the two girls in the competition held strong, however: “Not shaving for the month was not a very big deal for me because I can cover my legs whenever I want, while I know all the men out there couldn't cover their beards. What did bother me though, is the double standard I was held to. Why is it not okay to leave my legs unshaven, but it is ok for my peers to leave their faces, the part of their body that is looked at most, unshaven? I went to track in shorts quite often and I don't think anyone there noticed my unshaven legs!,” said Cora Miller ’15.

Some students also partook in No Shave November just for fun, including freshman Nick Weiss.  He actually misses his beard now that "Please Shave December" has rolled around. “Now that it is over I feel really naked all the time,” said Weiss.

Here are the 10 Finalists:

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