Ke$ha or Katy?

If Ke$ha isn’t a household name in your crib by now, tik tok, time’s a tickin’. Get yourself acquainted.

Ke$ha (ke-shuh): proper noun: 1. An American pop superstar. Example: “Ke$ha wrote ‘Till the World Ends’ for Britney Spears since the latter was probably too busy in rehab.”

Ke$ha's appeal may not be obvious to many. Mothers gasp in horror to see Ke$ha shaking her ass and preaching the glory of one-night stands.

But what she’s constantly criticized for is exactly what makes her alluring to the public. The messy hair, dirty clothes, and massive globs of glitter are all a part of the package deal. Her shameless image attracts her fans since she embodies what we all want to have for a day sometimes, and is completely unapologetic for her lifestyle. She provides an extreme from which we can compare ourselves to when trying to convince our parents we're angels (“Sure I got a C in Astronomy, Mom, but at least I’m not brushing my teeth with a bottle of Jack!”). It's all relative.

In fact, some admiration can be found in that she’s genuine—genuinely trashy. She actually lives her crazy beautiful life on the daily, rocking her rolled-out-of-a-stranger’s-bed look. Her songs are anthems to the partiers who live without consequences. And honestly, all the hate circulating around Ke$ha’s dirty image is quite silly. We all have a Ke$ha in our lives. Ke$ha’s that one fun friend of yours who drags you out of your room during midterm week and convinces you that the most reasonable thing for you to do at the moment is to go skinny dipping in the pool after competing in a round of Edward Forty-Hands. She’s that girl rolling around on the ground at Harvey Mudd’s foam party; she’s that girl who’s high as a kite at Reggae Fest; she’s that girl who left the porta-potty line to go piss in a corner at Scripps’ Harwood Halloween. When Ke-moneysign-ha smugly screams “We R Who We R,” she’s not kidding. Ke$ha may not be the best role model, but those who repeat the glib "Live like there's no tomorrow" motto really can’t judge her. She’s no fake, she really is that girl. She walks the walk and pukes the puke. And that in itself is pretty respectable.

Katy Perry is a different story.

Katy (kay-tee): proper noun: 1. An American pop superstar. Example: “Katy Perry featured Ke$ha in her ‘I Kissed a Girl’ music video before Ke$ha was Ke$ha.”

Now Perry has always baffled me. She may have kissed a girl, but this diva has religious roots. Her parents were both evangelical pastors, and her first studio disc was a self-titled gospel album. A mere year after that flopped, she had a life-shattering revelation that Christian music isn’t on the Top 40, so she flipped a 180 and released “Ur So Gay.” Really? Yet she tells interviewers that she’s still very religious. So why the creepy and slightly demonic “E.T.” music video?

Her celebrity image is far from concrete (and every celebrity needs a label since they’re not real people, after all). I guess I’ll just never understand her (or how she can make love to her hubby Russell Brand without asking him to shampoo his hair first). It’s undeniable that she consciously went for the shock factor with “Ur So Gay,” “I Kissed a Girl,” and “Hot ’n Cold,” which were the songs that got her famous. But she’s insisted on multiple occasions that she doesn’t participate in the party scene. Then is “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” just another image stunt? She never danced on table tops or went skinny dipping in the dark... or had that menage-a-trois? That’s a hippo from Crete if I’ve ever seen one.

From chapel choir to scandalous popstar in less than a year... Maybe she’s actually religiously devout and the whole skank thing is an act. Maybe the faith thing is an act. Maybe she’s a ninja. Who knows. I just don’t get her. Maybe I just can’t relate since I’ve never felt "like a plastic bag."

So Ke$ha wins the first round for keepin’ it real. But I guess Katy Perry wins the second round since she named her cat Kitty Purry. You gotta give her props for that.

Anna Pan has unfortunately left Pitzer College and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. This will most likely be her last article writing for the Forum. Anna, thank you for everything and we wish you all the best. We know everyone will look back on all of her other articles and laugh. Remember Rebecca Black? How about her 500 Ways to Summer? And who could forget her article on the invasion of the hipsters? Good luck!