Letters to Freshmen: Go with the Flow

We decided to do things a little differently in the first installment of the 2011 Letters to Freshmen series. James Havlicek is a sophomore at CMC and hails from Westport, Connecticut. Even though he is just a sophomore, he survived his freshman year following a few basic lessons that he wanted to pass along to the new freshman class.

To the Class of 2015,


You made it.

Those countless hours spent on the quest for a perfect 2400, those seemingly interminable nights you sat at the dinner table and calmly listened to your parents question your work ethic, and that seven minutes you spent eating the free croissants at that one French Club meeting just so you could add another extracurricular to your application, have finally paid off in the form of four years of more and harder work.

But all cynicism aside, be proud of yourselves. You’ve just become members of a community whose academic, social, and athletic spirit is rivaled by few others. Not to mention, Forbes tells us that we can turn our noses up at the Yalies while we nip at the heels of the Harvardians. Not bad for a school established in 1946.

If there is one piece of wisdom that I can impart to you, it is to take advantage of the opportunity you have in front of you, and to enjoy it to the fullest. But since I have far more than one piece of said wisdom, I leave you with a rap.

Yours in Higher Learning,


James Havlicek ‘14

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