Summer of Scattered Stags and Athenas

CMCers are homogenous in that we all tend to have a work-hard-play-hard mentality, a predilection for critical thought, and strong but well-informed opinions. What we decide to do with those tendencies is what differentiates us. Some of us join the business world, others participate in the media, and still others work in the government. To see the vast array of places CMCers take their talents (you heard me LeBron), just look at a sampling of the opportunities that students have taken advantage of this summer.

Bojana Bozic (CMC '14) has been busy all summer as a Resource Development Intern for the International Rescue Committee in Atlanta, Georgia. Familiar with the IRC from the aid they provided her family whilst refugees from Serbia, Bojana joined the staff to help supply refugees with basic necessities while working to improve fundraising efforts. The determined International Relations and Religious Studies dual major put together the IRC’s inaugural intern fundraiser, raking in $1500 worth of funds. Bojana’s initiative with IRC Atlanta’s fundraising efforts granted invaluable experience and “opened [her] eyes to where [she] want[s] to go with [her] professional life.”

In his final summer prior to graduation, Andrew Yandell (CMC '12) traveled to wine country in Würzburg, Germany, where he cooked for twelve hours a day, five days a week as a utility chef. As the restaurant’s intern, Andrew got his hands dirty scrubbing counters and floors, but also learned to sauté, chop, slice, dice, weigh, mix, and bake while practicing his German alongside renowned chefs. Andrew credits CMC’s ever-vibrant social scene for preparing him to create meaningful relationships with people in a completely different culture across the globe.

CMC’s resident Dutchman, Pieter bas Cornel (CMC '14) , made the most of a grant from CMC’s Center for Human Rights by working with Ready 4 Life, a non-profit based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Pieter conducted job interview workshops and helped update and improve resumes for young locals in search of employment.   Pieter says the leadership skills he developed during his freshman year at CMC were essential in dealing with the "challenging and mentally exhausting" work required of him during this time.

The Athena and pair of Stags mentioned here provide just a glimpse into the wealth experiences CMCers glean from the summer months. Abroad and at home, students put their CMC-enhanced skills to work and make a difference.  Whoever said summer internships meant photocopying and coffee-running your way to a resume line got it wrong: just ask almost any CMCer about his or her summer.