Senior Superlatives 2011

Last night, at the annual Senior Banquet, the Senior Superlatives for the class of 2011 were announced. Here's how the class voted: Most Likely to Become a CMC Professor? Jesse Blumenthal

Most Likely to Attend TNC Next Year? AJ Harris

Friendliest? Aviana Gracial & Divya Vishwanath

Most Dreamed About? Joe Swartley

Best All-Around? Joe Swartley (pictured above) & Kathryn Mgrublian

Best Hair? Carolina Vicario & Alexander Reichert

Wish You Knew Better? (L-R) Marshall Fisher, Chris Jones & David Cook

Best Smile? Marshall Fisher (pictured above) & Tammy Phan

Best Eyes? Joe Swartley (pictured above)

Class Clown? Carl Peaslee

Best Dressed? Alex Mitchell & Victoria Din

Most Changed? Joey Farewell & Alice Reichman

Best Couple? Brittany Pineros & Mikey Ngyuentat

Best Ho-mance? Sarah Dick & Kaitlyn Desai

Best Bromance? Ian Anderson & Marshall Fisher

Renaissance Man? Chris Jones (pictured above)

Renaissance Woman? Cara Daley

(Photo credit: Caroline Nyce)

Most Likely to Become the next John Faranda? AJ Harris (pictured above)

Most Likely to Become the next Fid Castro? Tammy Phan (pictured above)

Most Likely to Stick with TFA? Amy Jacobson

Most Likely to Take Over The World? Charles Johnson

Most Likely to Become President? Mike Whatley

Most Likely To Have a Building Named After Him? Ben Kraus

Most Likely To Wear a Stags Jersey to the Birth of his first child? Beaumont Heidrich

Most likely to marry current significant other? Sean Wasserman & Ana Kostioukova