The Third Clue

The winner of last night's prize was Patrick Paterson '12, who found the medallion in record time at the base of the light post at the blind corner between Collins and Appleby. For those who were stumped by last night's riddle, the light post is labeled "13" because it is an evacuation point. Just as a reminder, all of the medallions are hid on CMC's campus, so please don't waste your precious time running to other campuses! Also, make sure to check the Forum‘s Facebook page again tonight to see who the winner is and where the medallion was found.

Tonight's prize is a $20 gift card to Chipotle, a $40 gift card to Target and Snack delivered to you (on campus) for a week.

Get to solvin':

This third run tonight

may throw you for a spin.

The winner of this prize

will wear a great grin.

No need to jump a fence,

Or break any padlocks

This clue should be soft,

For a school full of jocks.


As always, meet Kelsey at the Hub immediately after to redeem your prize!