Your New Forum Staff

The time is upon us when we return freckle-faced and perhaps not-so-well rested to Camp Claremont.  A few more grueling weeks divide us from the freedom of summer.  We’ll lessen the blow of Spring Break’s end with new energy.  You may have noticed that some fresh faces have emerged on campus.  From new RAs to ASCMC, student leadership is changing to reflect the next generation.  The Forum is no exception.

Before we introduce ourselves, we first want to thank the previous editors, managers, writers and staff.  Without your enthusiasm, dedication and long hours, The Forum would never be what it is today.  So from the new guys to the veterans, thank you for all your hard work and service to The Forum.  Your patience, concentration to detail, and willingness to help us in our transition has been crucial in priming us for the coming year.  Thank you!

The Forum has grown and evolved as a publication over the last few years.  From detailed analysis of our honor code to wildly witty advice articles, the official student publication of Claremont McKenna College never fails to make a splash on campus.

Our primary goal is to be the number one source of information for all things related to CMC News and Life.  We want to cover as many stories, in as much depth and with as much information as we can gather.  The Forum should also be, well, a forum. The Forum is an outlet for your most pressing thoughts and opinions, as well as foster campus dialogue.  We hope that you’ll utilize it as such.

While the Comments section is a quick and easy way to share your ideas, we encourage you to strengthen your voice by putting those ideas in an article.  The Forum exists to enhance the quality of critical, thoughtful writing and reporting at CMC.  While we have many talented and dedicated writers at The Forum, they surely cannot represent every student’s voice.  Our wish is that anyone with something creative, interesting, or even outrageous to say will submit an article or approach us with an idea.  The Forum is not just for those “writer-types.” The Forum is for you.

As the new editorial staff, we would like to share our immediate priorities. We need more writers. We are calling out for fresh ideas, passionate souls, and thoughtful minds. But contributing to The Forum goes beyond just writing articles. We publish photo essays and video projects and facilitate campus events like room draw.  There are infinite opportunities and ways to contribute, and we will consider anything you give us, whether it’s a simple article idea or an original video exposé.  We encourage all of you to actively engage in the publication that represents our student body.  We are also in the process of reviewing and changing the anonymous commenting policy.  Please continue to check back with The Forum for our new policy.

We are excited to continue The Forum’s rich tradition and enhance the publication that is central to the CMC student body.

CMC, meet The Forum’s newest editorial staff:

Heath Hyatt, Editor-in-Chief. I’m a junior at CMC majoring in Government. I have a passion for politics and policy but I love baseball and America. I hail from Seattle, Washington and, believe it or not, have never worn flip-flops.

Rachel Brody, Managing Editor of News and Opinion.  I’m a Junior, majoring in International Relations, but don’t let that fool you.  I’m a hipster-worshipping New Yorker, who loves bands you haven’t heard of and wants nothing more than a Whole Foods within walking distance.  If you would like to write for the News or Opinion sections, please email me at  Write once, twice, even thrice. Your Forum needs you.

Erica Bellman, Managing Editor of Life and Junior Literature major (read: closet bookworm) at CMC, currently studying (read: soaking up the Tuscan sun) abroad in Siena, Italy.  I’m inviting all foodies, film buffs, music lovers, and art fans to join the Life section.  If on or off-campus scene-scoping sounds like your jam, share your impeccable taste as a Forum writer. Perks include superstar-status as a cultural guru.

W. Max Mullen, Chief Operating Officer. I am a junior at CMC majoring in Economics and Government. My online experience mostly includes helping out with my brother's music blog, On weekends you can find me on the tennis courts, taking cat naps, and grinding out papers in South lab. My favorite TV shows include: Pete and Pete, Are you Afraid of the Dark?, Shaq Vs. and All That.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas, we'd love to hear them. E-mail us at