Idea Night Is Back (And You're Invited)

Last year's Idea Night saw a number of Athenaeum firsts: a marijuana-inspired theory on a robot utopia, an enormous photo of Jason Soll's biceps, even a reenactment of a Roman execution. Luckily for you, we've somehow convinced the staff of the Athenaeum to let it happen again.

Thus, the Forum is proud to announce that it is now accepting applications for the opportunity to compete for the exclusive title of ATH VIP. on Thursday, March 3rd.

If you don't know what Idea Night is, it could be described as an event somewhere between a thesis-defense with a shot clock and a start-up pitch with a half bottle of Ath wine.

So, please tell us: What is your big idea?

Applications are due by Friday, February 11 February 18. All applicants will receive a token of our appreciation. Selected applicants will be eligible to compete for the title of ATH VIP as well as a number of other prizes (more information to come).

Students are invited to submit papers, projects, or original research for the enjoyment of the CMC community. Participants and their topics will be selected by a committee of student representatives for uniqueness, interest, and quality. We are looking for interesting arguments on any topic — politics, culture, CMC, etc — and although the content will vary greatly, the form will remain constant: each participant will have 10 minutes, a projector, and a podium.

What would you change about CMC? How can we solve the job crisis? How are you going to make your first billion? Why is Katy Perry the greatest musician to ever live? Why should we fuel our cars with Four Loko? How will Sarah Palin revolutionize politics/wolf hunting from helicopters?

Presentation skills will be valued equally alongside content. At the end of the event, the audience will be asked to rank the speakers on their interest and persuasiveness, and while everyone will get a token of our appreciation, the winner will get a special prize: Ath VIP Status. Be creative. Be persuasive. Be a little crazy.