Classic Songs (Remixed)

Happy 2011 CMC! While some people are complaining about the downfall of the music industry, over at The Forum we firmly believe last year was a fantastic year for dance music. On one hand, the dance/electronic sound is spreading to mainstream pop music with songs like Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," Far East Movement's "Like A G6," and Black Eyed Peas' "The Time (Dirty Bit)". On the other hand, extremely young genres like dubstep are blowing up in underground scenes and splintering into countless sub-genres. There is no doubt it is awesome when producers find a way to inject a well-known song with a punchy beat and funky bassline to turn it into a dancefloor banger. This can be a tricky task because many people grow really attached to these songs in their original form. But when a remix is done well, it can do much to energize a party while maintaining a familiar melody and lyrics that we know and love.

Let's get this party started!

Zeds Dead is an up-and-coming dubstep production duo from Toronto and they revitalize this great tune with some gut-wrenching wobbles. The remix starts out with the hallmark ohhh-ohhhhh from the original, then Zeds Dead bring in the first verse backed by some bass stabs to warm you up for what’s about to come. Hear that gun cock? Your ears are about to get shot up with some heavy hitting dub wobbles.

Gimme Shelter (Zeds Dead Remix) – The Rolling Stones [Original]

The Girls Can Hear Us is another electronic music duo from Canada. They’ve added some smooth new synths, a bouncy bass riff, and most importantly--a dance beat. The vocals and underlying melody are the only elements common to both songs, yet the remix is still able to keep the happy and summery vibe of the original. Now it can fit in on the dancefloor as well as it does on the beach--perfect!

Wouldn't It Be Nice (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix) – The Beach Boys [Original]

This grimey song samples the 1961 #1 hit single "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes. Cragga’s remix starts out with a sped up, but otherwise untampered segment of the original song until some distortion creeps in, and then BAM! the bass gets dropped on you like a bag of mail - a heavy one. Cragga’s filthy bass wobbles and the cheery vocals that persist mesh together into a track that both humans and robots can get down with.

Please Mr. Postman (Dubstep Refix) – Cragga [Original]

DiscoTech, a three-person collaboration, does a pretty straightforward remix of Rod Stewart's sexy disco tune from 1978. Their major changes include: speeding up the tempo, adding a dance beat, and making the bassline more prominent. Those three relatively simple adjustments completely transform the song into something much more lively and sure to get people singing and front-grinding on the dancefloor.

Do Ya Think I’m Sexy (DiscoTech Remix) – Rod Stewart [Original]

Finally, we’re going on a journey with my favorite remix of the bunch. It starts out quite similar to the original and Bassnectar, out of San Francisco, slowly brings us around to his bass-laden interpretation of this song. When he cuts the music right before the lyrics start, we get an idea for where this is heading, but he doesn’t give it away yet. Soon, he lays down a pretty dope bassline. It’s sick and all, but not quite enough to quench our thirst for bass. Luckily, it’s not long before we realize there’s a reason he’s called Bassnectar. On his Facebook page, he describes his music as "an amalgamation of every sound I've ever heard, mixed with ultra wicked basslines.” I think Helena Bonham Carter would approve.

Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix) – The Pixies [Original]