New Year's Resolutions from the Forum

Less than a week into 2011, some of you may have already given up on your new year's resolutions. That's pretty typical. But studies show that sharing your goals, with friends and family, substantially increases the chance that you'll keep them. Our staff, as well as John Faranda and Professor Pitney, thought we'd share some of ours. We hope to hear yours. If you need that extra encouragement, e-mail and we'll share them on the Forum, anonymously, in a month.

Michael Wilner '11, Forum Editor-in-Chief:

Graduating college seniors basically have their resolutions written for them (enjoy school while it lasts, and then get a life). I'll just add that I'd like to do all the little things on my California to-do list-- an actual list I made, on my snazzy iPad-- before I kick the Claremont bucket. I've yet to spend time up on Baldy; I haven't seen all of Scripps' gardens. And what's that Pomona Valley Mining Company restaurant on the side of the highway? All key goals for 2011.

Carl Peaslee '11, Editor-in-Chief:

Last year I resolved to 'get on a foreign reality TV show' and to 'shoot a gun'. I set my sights pretty high but I still managed to accomplish one of those goals. I'm going to leave 'foreign reality TV show' on the docket. I'd also be ok with any kind of minor celebrity status amongst some small sect of foreigners. Mostly, I just want to be able to say, "I'm big in Europe." I'm also going to add 'finish my thesis,' 'get out of the country,' 'make more puns,' and 'eat some weird things.'

Laura Sucheski '11, Managing Editor of News & Opinion:

I resolve to write more thank-you notes to people. I also want to be able to get in and out of a yoga headstand without seriously injuring myself. Finally, I need to make a concerted effort to check more restaurants off my eating wishlist before I leave the greater LA area.

Cara Daley '11, Managing Editor of Life & Multimedia:

  • Get the entire ASCMC Exec Board to go bungee-jumping
  • Spend less time on GChat
  • Beat French driving extraordinaire Alexander Reichert in a race up Baldy

Alex Bargmann '11, Opinion Editor:

  • In 7 semesters at CMC, I have never gone to Table Manners.  Now is the time.  This is one of several things left on my Claremont Bucket List - suggestions welcome.  I resolve to have the diligence to knock these off (not too worried).
  • Continue my "Inland Empire" cultural immersion experience.  Last semester highlight: NASCAR in Fontana.  Next up: finally splurging on that San Bernardino County Sun subscription.
  • Try to maintain reading a non-assigned book every 3 or 4 weeks.  First up: Michael Lewis' The Big Short.  Also want to keep reading some long-form and get through my Instapaper queue.

John Faranda '79, Vice President of Alumni Relations:

To spend more time dining with students in Collins Hall.  I think that I failed miserably at it and want to try again.  The lack of parking near Collins and the whole construction zone made it very painful for me to get to Collins for dinner or for snack on my way home in the evenings.  I'm hopeful that the construction is coming to a close and that Amherst Avenue soon will be open again so that I can at least get near Collins by car!

Arielle Zuckerberg '11, Chief Technical Officer:

My New Year's resolution is to develop a better sleep schedule. You know you're zzz's are messed up when your mother has to wake you up at 4pm because she doesn't want you to miss the last 30 minutes of sunlight... That's been the story of my life pretty much every day of winter break so far, and at this point, I'm just ashamed of myself. In 2011, I vow to go to bed and wake up at socially acceptable hours so that I can function like a normal human being.

Mike Whatley '11, Staff Food Critic:

My goal is to find better places to eat that don't require driving to LA. This, of course, leaves Carl's Jr. as the exception.

Adam Griffith '14, Staff Writer:

If the Mayans were right, the world will end in less than 24 months.  And with the guidance of almighty Quetzalcoatl, blessed be his name, how could they have been wrong?  Therefore, this year I resolve to completely give up on myself.  While most other Americans are likely promising to work out more, I’d like to get fat, and not just Jack Black comically chubby, but full on, need to shop online for special pants fat.  After a few months of eating only Collins Hall carrot cake for every meal, I will be able to successfully impersonate a small U-haul truck, or Michael Moore.  To complete my “new look”, I resolve to grow a mullet made of dread locks, which will allow me to fit in at both country rock concerts and reggae festivals.  Finally, just in case my new eating habits or hairstyle aren’t enough to sabotage the remaining aspects of my life, I think I might try getting a World of Warcraft account.

Caroline Nyce '13, Staff Writer:

My new years resolution is short and sweet - to talk less and to listen more. Oh, and to sing louder.  No matter how out of tune.

Tammy Phan '11, ASCMC President:

To stop and smell the roses more-or at least whatever's at Collins. It's so easy to get caught up in your own life, especially senior year, between classes, looking for a job, applying to graduate schools, writing thesis, etc. But the reason why CMC is so awesome is because of the people. Ten years from now I may not remember my grades from every class, but I will remember the simple things, like 4 AM "study breaks" in Poppa or catching brunch in Collins after Vegas. So, I resolve to spend more time appreciating everyone and everything at CMC, and (a little) less time freaking out about graduation and entering the real world.

Jack Pitney, Professor of Government:

1. To help students and alumni find jobs and internships in a tough economy.

2. To help students publish articles in the mainstream media.

3. To write comments on student papers that are helpful and -- even more important -- legible.

4. To have a legislative simulation that's more deliberative than the real Congress. (I know, I'm setting the bar really low here.)