Medallion Hunt 2010: The Golden Fiasco

Hundreds of years ago, the gods of hip-hop scattered seven golden medallions across the beautiful land of Claremont. They were believed to be lost until the CMC Forum uncovered seven clues concerning the medallions locations. We now need your help in finding those lost treasures. Starting this Tuesday (Feb. 16) seven clues will be posted daily at 8:27 PM. Some may be easy. Others will be hard. Some may test the very limits of your physical ability-- even your sanity. This is not a quest for the feint of heart, but if you choose to embark, rest assured, the rewards will be substantial.

Each medallion will have two prizes attached to it. Its finder will win one of seven extravagant daily prizes:

But most importantly, each medallion makes enter its finder into a raffle to win Backstage Passes to Lupe Fiasco.

If you're brave enough to find one, then you must submit a picture with your medallion to collect your prize. The raffle will be held at Snack following the final clue on Tuesday, February 23. (Prizes are CMC only)

Check The Forum each night at 8:27 PM starting THIS TUESDAY, Feb. 16 through Monday Feb. 22.