Tuning the Holidays to 2010

It is that magical time of the year again, when finals are over and we return to the loving arms of our families just in time for the holiday season. Whether there is snow, rain or sunshine outside your bedroom window, we all have a little tender streak in our hearts for the winter holidays. 'Tis the season of decorating ginger bread houses, wrapping presents, and hanging obnoxious holiday lights in your sibling's bedroom before they come home from college. Nothing can get you into the holiday mood quite like some classic Christmas music. To entertain that spirit of Navidad in you, The Forum compiled a playlist of some Christmas tunes done by contemporary artists. Although the Run DMCMariah Carey, and N'Sync Christmas classics will always be in our hearts, the Forum thought we'd share some that you may not have heard yet. Some are new originals, while others are just covers of old favorites. The Forum has tried to include a little something for everyone, and this diverse Christmas playlist exemplifies the true Christmas spirit, as it is the only place where Taylor Swift and Kanye West can live peacefully together. Before we get to the playlist, we want to share one of our favorite new songs we found during our exploration of contemporary Christmas music. "Boots" was the single released by The Killers as part of a charity for Project RED. As they have for the past four years, The Killers are donating all proceeds from their holiday single to fight AIDS. Therefore, we encourage you to buy the song on iTunes rather than download it for free. "Boots" is an incredible song but the tear-jerking video is what really puts it at the top of my list. See for yourself.

And now for that Christmas playlist I mentioned...

If you can't get enough of the indie Christmas music, there's tons more out there. Check out Indie Shuffle and Hype Machine's offerings for a hipster holiday, and definitely don't miss Can You See The Sunset's 12 Days of Christmas MP3's for 2010 series (which is actually 14 days, score!).

And because CMC's student body is far more diverse than just containing those celebrating Christmas, we feel it necessary to share, for the enjoyment of anyone of the dreidel-spinning persuasion, the ingenious hilarity that is "Candelight" by the Maccabeats. (Note: we would have included more Hanukkah songs but it seems they are not as easy to come by as Christmas music. And we can lump Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song in there with Run DMC, Mariah Carey and N'Sync).

If you have any songs to add including those from winter holidays other than Hanukkah and Christmas, please do share. Happy holidays everyone! Build a snowman and enjoy our time off.