The Sixth Clue

Remember, once you’ve found the medallion, send an email over to “cpeaslee11 (at) cmc dot edu” so that I can get your name and picture. If you STILL don’t know what this is all about, read up on the Medallion Hunt here. Brett Spencer found last night's medallion. It was in the press box of Zinda Field. Congrats.

I know you all don't want to be running around in the rain so I'll assure you, this clue one is only one part. You might want to call your Mudder friend:

In Some Books Now: Or I'd Search Shelves Now: 00110000001110000011000100110010001110010011000000111001001101000011001100110111

Winner gets a $40 Target gift card and a shot at those Lupe passes. Good luck!