Since When is Summer Stressful?

internThe race for that prized internship is in full swing and deadlines are fast approaching. Some of us are struggling more than others – but is this due more to the economy or our own laziness? Diana Seder and Beth Ricca of CSC bestow the following advice in a recent interview:

What industry is seeing the least effect in terms of internships?

The government, high technology, new/clean technology, healthcare, information technology—those industries are all faring better than others and are hiring.

Sponsored internships—will the school be offering the same amount it did last year?

The sponsored internship program will be somewhat reduced this summer, and so will be somewhat more competitive, but we still have a lot of support coming from the administration and things are looking pretty good. We think we’ll be able to sponsor around 100 interns this summer.

Would it be best to look for internships in the profit world?

We encourage students to look for internships in all areas and to be flexible and open. It would really depend on the student’s interests and desires.

Any strategies for getting the highly sought after internship?

Network—utilize alumni connections, faculty, family, friends. Attend career services programs at all of the campuses. Use electronic resources thoroughly—there are so many very useful websites out there. Also, start early and pace yourself—a little every day. And, be diligent.

How many internships should students apply for?

No magic number—but we encourage students to apply for many opportunities.

Any additional recommendations?

An internship is an excellent way into an organization upon graduation, and according to the National Association of College Employers, “…studies show that in a poor economy, when employers do have jobs, they often look first to their own interns and co-op students...” That suggests to me that a solid effort should be given towards finding an internship. Many internships are formalized and paid (many opportunities in business/econ/finance); others are completely informal and may not be paid (media/entertainment)—but they are still an excellent conduit to full-time employment upon graduation.

So, if you are suffering copious amounts of stress about your summer plans – just remember that interns are much less expensive hires than anyone else. How many places can turn you down for volunteer work? No more than eight I’d surmise.

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