Sunday Procrastination #2 - Presidential Candidates

It's the President. The Number One Man of ASCMC and the Number One Representative of the CMC student body . The President also is the head of the Board of Directors. The current president is Erik Hansell '09 (who's still so hot right now). Both candidates are current Board members - Shamil Hargovan '10 (current Senate Pro-Tempore) and Isayas Theodros '10 (current ASCMC Vice President).

new-election-head-shots-007ISAYAS THEODROS

Over the past three years of my life, I have grown to truly fall in love with the paradise we all refer to as CMC. Whether it’s the tradition, prestige, the people, or its atmosphere, we all have our individual reasons for why we feel that CMC is such a great place.

Especially after my experience as Sophomore Class President and ASCMC VP, I have grown to understand that our students need more than the intangible; that is where ASCMC comes in.

Whether you are the type that enjoys a southern rapper, an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a white (clothing) party, or an all school carnival, it is my goal with the help of those on the board to improve the standard of living of our students.

The bottom line is that I love this place, and as it is my last year in college, I want to make sure next year is one of the best years of our lives. Your vote on Monday will be one that is special; I say just follow the direction of your heart…in addition to the directions on my flyers around campus.

Love Always,

Isayas Theodros

shamil-for-prezSHAMIL HARGOVAN

Hey CMC! Let me begin by saying ASCMC President is merely a title. Instead, to me it means a spirit of dedication to making our time here better each day. Despite notions of the typical CMCer, I do not believe such a stereotype exists. But, I think what holds us together is a desire to have a good time and a propensity to strive for more. One does not have to be elected to share this. Each one of us, not ASCMC, is what makes this place so special. For three years on the executive board and two years on the budget committee, I have held this spirit in all the work I’ve done. We can have more then one concert a year. We can fund clubs adequately. And, we can put our school on the map—but only by pooling our talents. Let’s rage and engage. Much Love!

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