Sunday Procrastination #1 - Vice Presidential Candidates

Not all vices are bad. ASCMC Vice President is the #2 Stag, assisting the President and also running ASCMC Senate. Below are profiles for candidates Josh Siegel '10 (current ASCMC  Campus Organizations Chair) and Milan Reed '11. The current VP is Isayas Theodros '10. josh-faceJOSHUA SIEGEL


We are Republicans and Democrats. Econ majors and gov majors. North Quadders and South Quadders. Then there are Sagehen... garbage.

Our campus is undeniably a split one—ideologically, geographically—it's what we pride ourselves on and why we came here. But we all share some commonalities, and that's where ASCMC can help. I want events that bring all of us together-- not just all of us from one quad, political affiliation, or background.  I've gotten a start as ASCMC Campus Organizations Chair, but there's much more I want to do.

We can fix up some of our lounges so people actually "lounge" in them.

We can put a Ferris wheel in the middle of Parents Field and host a carnival, dunking booth included. Who doesn't love those?

We can have more big events like concerts, and not everyone loves Ludacris, so let's hear input and bring more acts.

I know what you want; I want it too. I've spent the last couple years thinking about what ASCMC can do for the student body, and it's time to do it. Let's go big, CMC.

milan_reed_vp_newMILAN REED

Let me just tell you, I like it here. The people are the best part, and the So-Cal weather is sweet too. I like CMC because I feel like I relate to everybody I meet, so I've always been trying to meet everybody, even before I decided to run for Vice President.  Yes, I am campaigning, but I still want to meet you, regardless of how you end up voting. I've spent this year working as the Student Trips Committee Chairperson in the Senate and have helped to make it more efficient and transparent. We now have a clear procedure that guides the applicant through the trip request process. I believe that I can further improve the Senate and ASCMC overall in these two areas as well.

I am offering each and every one of you my complete and dedicated service, and I intend to continue working for us as Vice President.

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