ASCMC Candidates

ASCMC Elections: Candidates' Speeches: Tuesday, March 4th at Snack (10:30 PM) Elections: Wednesday, March 5th at Collins, Sr. Apts, or by absentee until March 5th (e-mail psnell08 at cmc for an absentee ballot)
ASCMC President ASCMC VP Class of 2009 Class of 2010
Erik Hansell Emily Schlothan Ross Boomer Isayas Theodros Shamil Hargovan Camilo Cuellar Naomi Bagdonas Yohei Nakajima William Robelo-Lara Kyle Casella Josh Siegel
Class of 2011 DAC SLC SAC
Cori Williams Nikki Holzberg Eric Scott Sharday Grant Kylie Alsofrom Courtney Cikach Brian Fuerst