The Executive Board meeting this week kicked off with a round of updates, which included that: Dorm Affairs President Nicky Blumm 17 has been in correspondence with Dorm Presidents regarding compliance with the new Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy and how to better publicize events; Vice President Iris Liu 16 will be attending a national student leaders diversity conference on November 13th and 14th; Clubs and Organizations Chair Melissa Muller 18 has been going through discretionary fund requests; and Presidential Advisor Eliana Keinan 17 is organizing “It’s On Us” campaign events to be held in a few weeks.

Next, the Board began an event debrief on Saturday’s Halloween party. According to Vice President of Student Affairs Christine Horne 17, the DJ board broke, and event commissioners will set up bike barricades around the stage in the future to prevent overcrowding by the speakers. In addition, the number of students in North Quad was an issue, but campus security and RAs were effective in moving people. Finally, according to RA Liaison Ben Turner ’16, “[broken] glass was a really big issue this weekend.”

The Board then began an extensive discussion on how to reform the ASCMC’s financial positions. In the end, a majority of members agreed that the CFO should have a Treasurer who would act in an “employee” capacity. The position’s primary duty would be to serve as “an accounts payable clerk,” said President Will Su ’16. Additionally, for the next Executive Board term, the board agreed to decrease the stipend for the Chief Financial Officer from $1,000 to $700 and to increase it for the Controller from $400 to $700.

Finally, the board considered a round of General Fund requests. The board approved Horne’s requested $1,500 to buy 30 bike barricades (the total price will be split with the Dean of Students), Keinan’s request of $150 (plus tax) for “It’s On Us” campaign supplies, Class of 2017 President Kris Brackmann’s request of $150 for ping pong plywood tables, and a desktop computer for $720.41 for the Board. Lastly, in open forum, a new club called the Skate Initiative of Claremont (SIC) requested and was granted a $499.51 funding request for club supplies.

The board ended the meeting with an executive session in closed minutes to discuss a line-item only listed as “censure,” which has been on the Board’s meeting agendas every week since October 11. According to ASCMC’s Constitution, both Exec Board and Senate “[reserve] the right to censure any ASCMC officer for inappropriate behavior. Grounds for what constitutes inappropriate behavior are at the discretion of the body issuing the censure,” and the process “may be recorded in public or private minutes.”