Sunday’s ASCMC  Exec Board meeting opened with the board announcing that it would be distributing internal surveys for members of the board to evaluate each other. Presidential Advisor Moe Abdul-Rahim ’15 noted, “These evaluations will help alleviate problems the board may have, determine how we can do things better, and help us strengthen what we already do well.”

ASCMC President Ben Tillotson ’14 updated the board on the etiquette dinner held by the alumni association and stated that the dinner was very well attended. Freshman President Reid Dickerson ’18 also updated the board on the success of the Freshman Snack Event and introduced new ideas he wanted to implement. “About 60-70 people showed up for freshmen snack,” Dickerson noted. One new idea is to implement a “freshman of the week” starting this week.

The board then moved on to updates from Dormitory Affairs Chair Elaine Sohng ’17. Sohng stated that she is working on pushing back the end time for official parties. Currently, the latest time for students to enter official parties is 12:00 a.m. Sohng then made a budget request for $1,000 to help the South Quad dorms fund the Halloween TNC that they will be hosting. The money will go towards paying for food, decoration, and non-alcoholic beverages. There were some concerns amongst board members that this budget request could set a precedent for other dorms to also request additional funding from ASCMC for future events. However, Sohng stressed that South Quad was using the money to host a CMC event, not just a dorm event, so in this way the request was appropriate. The request was approved. Sohng concluded, “All the RAs have a lot of enthusiasm for this. And we are trying to encourage the dorms to do something for CMC.”

Sohng also stated that this year’s Halloween TNC will have higher levels of security than last year’s TNC. The Halloween TNC will be held in South Quad, so the entire quad will be fenced in. Elaine noted that last year there were instances of break-ins, thefts, and areas being trashed, and the fencing would reduce this problem.

The conversation switched to a different topic, and Tillotson discussed having the upcoming LA Marathon as a way to help raise money for CMC’s financial aid fund. The idea is that CMC students would be sponsored to run the LA Marathon and raise funds from CMC alumni. The proceeds would go to the CMC financial aid fund. Tillotson noted that the idea is still relatively new and still a work in progress.

The meeting ended with Chief Financial Officer Aviv Caspi ’16 announcing that there is a new process for reporting complaints on the 5Cs. Professional investigators have been hired to examine complaints and should the infraction deal with students from two different 5C schools, an external investigator will be hired.