Hellooooooo CMC. Whether you were spotted passed out in the middle of North Quad, looking at pictures of yourself crowd surfing inside a Hummer Limo, or wondering how you ended up on crutches Sunday morning, I hope you had a memorable weekend. ASCMC Exec Board met on Sunday night. Here are the updates:
1. More free (or almost free) shit. Look forward to a Dodgers Game coming up soon.
2. This Friday = campus-wide Easter Egg Hunt.

Good luck with everything you have going on in your life–same time next week.


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Cara, a senior at CMC, decided to reevaluate her life once almost defeated in an ASCMC election by a beer. Since then, she alternates her days mastering Salt N' Pepa raps, finding different foods to eat with peanut butter, and planning her trip around the world. She is thrilled to be the Managing Editor for Life, Events, and Multimedia.