In a productive first meeting back from spring break, ASCMC Senate approved two funding requests, discussed ideas to improve recycling on campus, and introduced a proposal to restructure ASCMC. Senate convened yesterday at 9:30pm with new ID card scanner and clicker technology, as well as a newly elected Executive Board Vice President, Felipe Afanador ’18. The new technology, which Senators have been working on acquiring for months, was met with cheers and exclamations of “Welcome to the 21st century!” It was promptly tested by approving the minutes (22 yes, 0 no, 1 abstaining).

Administrative Affairs and Appropriations (AAA), Senate’s funding committee, brought forth two funding proposals. The first was for Sanskriti, a 5C South Asian culture event at 7pm on April 2nd at Bridges Auditorium. After addressing concerns that the request for $2,000 would more than halve the Senate’s remaining budget of $3,490 (of an original $12,000), the motion to fully fund passed on the grounds that many CMC students were involved and the community would benefit from the cultural event. The second proposal was for $250 for Claremont Colleges Against Cancer’s Relay for Life on April 16th at 10am. This proposal was also funded in full.

The Environmental Concerns Committee and non-committee students who are concerned with the environment presented ideas to improve recycling on campus, citing a 2010 study that 50% of waste could have been recycled, cutting cost for waste disposal. The students presented data from the email survey sent to the student body last week, while prefacing it with the fact that only around 150 responses were sent in, and by a small subset of students. Some ideas included creating larger, clearer signs about what can be recycled (the survey revealed that many students didn’t know red cups and Styrofoam are recyclable), familiarizing new students with the methods during orientation, and incorporating it into event planning and emails. Senators discussed how best to maximize the effectiveness and practicality of such efforts and agreed to continue the conversation.

In addition, a new structure for ASCMC was proposed in response to concerns of complying with California nonprofit law, and also to increase accountability and efficiency. A simpler, more hierarchical structure was drawn out to make it clear who reports to who. The proposed structure, a diagram sent to the student body with the Senate reminder email, clearly differentiates the Board of Directors from the Senate. Although Senate would no longer be able to vote on the budget, the college-level discussions that were talked about as the most important function of the branch would still persist. The proposed changes would not take place until the next election cycle.

In other updates, Auen and Fawcett have received new taps on the first floor but will not be getting Hydration Stations because they cost $5,000- $6,000 to install per floor. New members were welcomed to the Consortium Affairs and AAA committees, and Madeline Lee ’19 was elected to serve as the new Senate Secretary, replacing Tanvi Gandham ’18.