After a successful ASCMC retreat this past weekend, the first Executive Board meeting of the term took place on Sunday, March 26. The meeting was live streamed in order to encourage student participation and feedback. Though the live stream worked, the audio was a bit difficult to decipher. So, they are working to improve it for the next meeting. The new members were warmly welcomed as the new ASCMC President Sami Malas ’19 led the meeting. The Executive Board discussed an upcoming photo campaign and the technicalities of Fluid Review.

The photo campaign is intended to help rebrand ASCMC as approachable, engaging, and transparent. Board members Jess Wissinger ’19, Thomas Schalke ’18, and Cole Mora ’17 contributed to the discussion on potential ways to achieve these goals, including filming short interview clips for CMCtv and formalizing the website while also creating a more casual presence on campus and social media. Each photo will be paired with a different sign indicating one of the Executive Board’s focuses and goals for the term, from “Collaboration” to “Diversity” to “Transparency.”  

Fluid Review is the facilitator for reimbursements and there is now a guide for students regarding how to get reimbursed that will soon be available on the website. Additionally, to stop clubs from spending the last part of their budgets simply because the year is ending, the annual freeze will occur on April 3rd, 2017. This limits club access to only 15% of their original budget after this date. However, club leaders can submit a request to ASCMC by April 1st, 2017 to retain more than 15% of their original funding. 

The meeting concluded with the Open Forum where members discussed creating new apparel for ASCMC as well as the goal of forming better connections with club presidents.