In the absence of President Will Su ’16, Executive Vice President Iris Liu ’16 facilitated this week’s Executive Board meeting.

To start off, President Pro-Tempore Michael Irvine ’16 introduced the new Events Commissioner Dean Sagafi ’18. Event updates included: last week’s successful craft beer and live music TNC (except an issue with the keg order, resulting in a lack of beer), this week’s It’s On Us Week of Action, and the upcoming Thesis Fountain Party on November 30.

Liu proceeded to share the progress made by the diversity and inclusion roundtable that met last weekend. They drafted a job application pertaining to the duties of a Diversity and Inclusion Chair on ASCMC.

Two representatives of the Diversity and Inclusion committee, Jessica Wissinger ’19 and Chris Humphreys ’18, attended the meeting to elaborate. The document highlighted three aspects that the chair would be responsible for: programming (partnering with 5C identity-based clubs on events); liaison capacity (being the communication between the student body, marginalized groups, ASCMC, and other individuals or organizations); and diversity promotion (improving awareness and being the voice for minority groups).

Though the D&I committee will have input, the ASCMC elections committee will make the final decision on who the new Diversity and Inclusion Chair is. Three other candidates will be chosen by the D&I committee to serve as the Chair’s advisory board. Candidates will be representatives from five identity-based clubs on campus: Asian-Pacific American Mentor program, Black Student Affairs, CMCers of Color, GenU and SAGA.

The committee realizes that revisions will be made for future chairs in terms of the selection process and addressing logistical problems because it is the first time such a chair is being implemented.

Irvine will write up a constitutional amendment that finalizes the details, process, and requirements for the chair. The job application will be sent out as soon as the amendment is passed and details are finalized. A Chair will be elected before the end of the semester, and the representative’s term will end at the same time as current board members in March.

The elected Chair will be a trial run, but Liu hopes that the Chair will be a committed and active individual who would be able to build on the momentum of the argument of marginalized groups and to lay a solid foundation for the position.

Dorm Affairs Chair Felipe Afanador ’18 explained the Resolution to Defend Demonstration Rights. Influenced by Pomona’s Senate resolution passed last week, the document addresses student concerns about hostile language and arbitrariness in the new 5C demonstration policy. The resolution also takes a stance in expressing CMC students’ concern for the violation of the right to assemble and right to free speech. Afanador anticipates that if CMC pushes for change in the policy alongside Pomona, then it will influence the other three Claremont Colleges to articulate their issues with the new policy and increase the possibility of a revision.

In Open Forum, the board approved ASCMC apparel designed by Events Commissioner Cristina Lee ‘18. ASCMC plans to front the fees with their general funds, ordering around 200-300 in the first batch. They will be selling the apparel at affordable prices on their website and distributing preorders through Story House.

Next, the board passed a discretionary fund request for CMCers of Color. The Board funded them in full ($500) for programming such as off-campus trips and guest speakers.

Lastly, Senior Class President Kathryn Chakmak ’16 addressed the issue of insufficient funds for alcohol at ASCMC events. She emphasized that the board should continue having conversations regarding these funds, because though they plan on making profits from apparel, tank sales, and some big events, others — including 100 Days and Wedding Party — will have issues with alcohol and fee payments.