At this week’s ASCMC meeting, President Ben Tillotson ’15 expressed that he wanted to create a more “open channel” between the CMC student body and ASCMC. Tillotson stated, “Many students don’t know what ASCMC does and that affects the types of people who will be running for positions in the future.” He also expressed a desire for CMC student organizations to feel more comfortable coming to ASCMC for event promotion, and that the board should communicate with dorm presidents in more detail what ASCMC allocated funds should be used for.

The board then went on to recap last week’s Halloween events. The Halloween TNC was declared a success, as was CMC’s official Halloween party on Friday. However, these parties raised a discussion about whether Claremont Graduate University students should be allowed to attend CMC and 5C parties. Currently, CGU students do not pay student fees, but regardless are issued Claremont ID’s, giving them the ability to enter both CMC and 5C parties.

Tillotson then updated the board on the LA marathon sign ups. 84 students have signed up to run in the marathon, and ASCMC is still working on getting faculty to sign up.

Crown Hall dorm president Elijah Natividad then requested $650 from ASCMC to help fund mid quad’s paint party on November 8, 2014. ASCMC gave $500 to fund the event, with the stipulation that individual mid quad dorms would have to contribute $25 each. Another condition of the funding was that the paint party must be open only to mid quad residents for the first hour, but after that initial hour the party will open up to all CMC students. The details of the party have yet to be finalized.

The meeting ended with Tillotson proposing having an Indian theme for Wedding Party this year, noting that some Indian international students have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for the idea. In previous years, Wedding Party has not had a theme. Some members of the board raised concerns of cultural appropriation and other unintended consequences of having such a theme. The board has yet to vote on holding an Indian themed Wedding Party.