Around 7:30 on Monday, October 14th, ASCMC released a memo addressing the cancellation of ‘The White Party’ on its official website. Below is the memo in its entirety:

Dear Students of Claremont McKenna College & The Claremont Colleges,

At the ASCMC Executive Board meeting on Sunday October 13, the Board unanimously voted to excise ‘The White Party’ (“WP”) from the budget and reallocate the monies remaining towards a new line-item entitled ‘Spring Event(s).’  This decision therefore represents the termination of the WP and calls for a new event, or events, in the WP’s stead.  Under no circumstances does the Board believe, or intend, that this measure curb the number of events at CMC, limit the variety of events at CMC, or reduce the overall quality of social life at CMC.

It is our belief that the WP has transformed throughout recent years from an EDM event into a function of influence.  Concern on behalf of ASCMC ballooned last year when it became clear that conversations leading up to the WP regarded drug use, to the extent of ubiquity, rather than the event itself.  The proliferation of illicit substances at the WP has prejudiced social norms surrounding it and in so doing compelled, if not possibly coerced, students to either engage in the norm or be left out.  ASCMC will not support this ultimatum, nor can we.

The ‘social scene’ here is on everyone’s radar—everyone has a critique and a hope.  However, it must be regarded with some degree of circumspection as to not jeopardize the existence of future events.  As a Board, we feel compelled to ‘ring the bell’ when social norms around any one event begin to guide or pressure, and to an extent require, new students to entertain ultimatums that quite clearly impair their autonomy.

The termination of the WP in no way implies that similar events (like Neon to Infinity or Club Claremont) or EDM music in general will be banned from the event schedule.  In support of such EDM styled-events, the distinction must be drawn between the WP and others of a similar nature.  Neon to Infinity, Eurotrash, Club Claremont, and Hardwood, all resemble the WP in many ways; however, those parties did not promote the use of drugs to the extent that use was so widespread it influenced social norms—the WP did.

ASCMC’s position must be clear; as a student government we were not elected to convey a moral stance or deliver a proscriptive diatribe regarding any and all drugs.  We serve at the pleasure of the students, all students both present and future.  Autonomy is the most sacred privilege students at CMC have and it must be protected by both prudent policy and social responsibility.  It is most unfortunate that the WP cease to exist, but we have full confidence in our Social Chairs to maintain our culture’s uniqueness and to raise the bar far above their predecessors.

Authored by: Mark R. Blumenfeld ‘14

Signed by:

Gavin Landgraf ‘14
Maddie Hall ‘14
Laura Epstein ’14
Merriel Foster ‘14
Alexandra Cooke ‘14
Remy Pinson ‘14
Jasmine DiLucci ‘14
Ben Tillotson ‘15
Josh Mittler ‘15
Moe Abdulrahim ‘15
Jessica Jin ‘16
Will Su ‘16
Charlotte Bailey ‘16
Iris Liu ‘16
Kelsey Gohn ‘16
Michael Irvine ‘16
Austin Landgraf ‘17


  1. Amen and respect to the board. Also the money can go a LOT further when spent in other ways–hopefully still on parties

  2. I love that the Forum wouldn’t approve my post on the other board calling out Spellman for her definite hand in this.

    But yeah, keep telling yourselves that the party scene at CMC hasn’t been going far downhill since about 2010/2011 and then on. Spellman is a cancer to the social scene, as she was to her previous school. Revisit this comment when you all are playing checkers indoors and dreaming of the days that kegs were supplied en masse to dorms for parties.

  3. So White Party was cancelled because it was a “function of influence”? An event that “compelled, if not possibly coerced, students to either engage in the norm or be left out?” Take a look at the culture surrounding 6:01 or most Saturday night parties for that matter and try telling me that they aren’t just as much “functions of influence” as White Party was… And if you think MDMA is somehow more deadly than alcohol, please educate yourself.

  4. The logic here just falls totally flat when applied universally.

    “as a student government we were not elected to convey a moral stance or deliver a proscriptive diatribe regarding any and all drugs”

    Then why are you? As another commenter noted, are we really going to pretend that drinking alcohol is not socially encouraged at practically every party? Why then does it matter if a different drug is preferred at WP? Was DOS requesting this? No. Were the students requesting this? No. Has the WP resulted in harm to students in the past due to drugs of any kind? No. I guess the 5 people sent to the hospital during Toga aren’t as important as the social norms “unanimously” perceived as a problem by ASCMC.

    The WP was widely popular and many people’s favorite party of the year. To cancel it on the whim of a few without even taking the question to the students represents a failure on the part of everyone who signed.

  5. I believe that ASCMC is making a mistake by choosing to frame the cancellation of WP as a result of rampant drug use. Obviously drug use was an issue and a contributing factor to this decision, but the cancellation of WP was clearly because of ASCMC’s mismanagement of the budget. I don’t have a problem with WP being cancelled, but they should at least be transparent enough to inform the student body of the larger motives behind this cancellation.

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