On Sunday afternoon, September 25, during the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College Executive Board Meeting, Burk Zanft officially resigned as the Student Life Council Chair. Zanft announced his decision to study abroad next semester in Sydney, Australia and will thus be unable to carry out his responsibilities in the spring.

Winning a landslide victory last semester with 71.8% of the vote, Zanft took ASCMC office in March 2011. Zanft ran on a platform of inclusion, stating his number one priority was “making everyone feel welcome at SLC events.”

Burk Zanft

In his campaign, Zanft suggested using ASCMC funds for providing non-alcoholic drinks at Thursday Night Club (TNC), hosting karaoke and “open mic” events, and creating opportunities for live student bands.

As Student Life Chair, Zanft held two “Hangover Hangouts,” a free offering of assorted food and drinks for the morning after TNC. The “hangouts” were met with some opposition, and some argued SLC events like these catered to a wet campus rather than dry events. Through the “hangouts,” Zanft aimed to “unite the parties” at CMC and create a more integrated student life culture. Burk also continued the Hub Quiz tradition on Friday nights.

ASCMC is scrambling to put together a special election for the vacant SLC seat. If you are interested in running for the position, ASCMC will hold an information session on Tuesday, September 27 at 9:30 PM at the Hub. Candidate speeches will be held the following Wednesday, October 5 at 10:45 PM in Collins Dining Hall during snack. The special election for SLC Chair will begin on Thursday, October 6, and results will be tallied that evening.

The SLC Chair heads the Student Life Council, which is primarily responsible for coordinating and promoting non-alcoholic extracurricular activities that benefit the general student body of CMC

Check in with the Forum next Wednesday, October 5, for live blogging of the candidate speeches and be sure to check out the election results exclusively on the Forum on Thursday, October 6.


    • That was just a ridiculous rumor that spread around. Christina is head of the new College Programming Board, which was formed by Jim Nauls so students can decide how to spend his money. 

      • Why was there no selection process for the College Programming Board? Did anyone else get a chance to apply?

        • I am pretty sure that each dorm elected someone onto the College Programming Board whenever Presidents and VPs were elected

        • As far as I Know there was no formal election process for the position that Christina Khavarian holds, however the members of the CPB were voted on by each dorm.

        • I honestly don’t think there needed to be an election for head of the CPB. Application? Maybe, but regardless: Jim works really well with Christina and already trusts her, even if she had to apply she probably would’ve gotten it anyway. In all fairness, it’s Jim’s fund, not student body fees that the CPB is working with, so call it autocracy if you want. But in the end, this is going back to students and now with the decision of students. Sounds like a great plan to me! 

        • Sorry didn’t realize Nauls threw down his money for the students. If he wants to put Christina in charge of the money he donates, he should be able to do what he wants.

        • It’s not Jim’s money, it’s the money CMC gives him to allocate for student activities, as our Director of Student Activities. He’s always made the decisions without the CPB, so it’s great that he is getting more student input (although he did receive plenty with students constantly coming to him with ideas, and assistance from ASCMC.) It’s not our student fees, just part of our tuition, room and board that goes to student activities.

          Oh, and that “Jim works well with Christina and already trusts her” sounds like Christina. He should have had some process for students to get involved, not just the ones who bug him enough.

        • That’s pretty presumptuous of you to think I’m Christina. Nice try though, you just made yourself look like a real jerk! Also, while part of tuition and such goes into Jim’s fund, a huge part of it is donations too. I would say MOST of it is.

          Everyone has something to nitpick about the process, but how about appreciating the results of a student-run planning board? I refer to my CPBMember friend below who sets things straight.

  1. As a member of the College Programming Board, I’d like to clarify a few things. 1. Christina is not doing Burk’s job. She is indeed the head of the CPB. 2. Each member of the board was selected by their respective dorms during elections…Sorry you weren’t there to run. Oops. 3. Christina is not in charge of the money. The CPB is in charge of it and we, as a group, decide how the money is used. Christina is there as our leader and works with Jim on events that were already set in motion before the board was formed as well as making sure that all the events that we decide on as a group run smoothly. and lastly, Christina is actually doing a great job as chair of the CPB and I’d like to see someone else do a better job. Wait until you see all the events that we have planned for this year. You won’t have too much to say after!

    • If you’d rather see someone else do a better job, maybe there should be an election decided by the students. I think its fine if the board elects a chair, but seems a little unfair that Jim can appoint whoever he wants to make decisions for him. Christina should just run for SLC if she wants to be the campus planner/chair of dry events.

      • Jim didn’t appoint one person to make his decisions for him. He’s still doing his job. The CPB is there to give student input and organize some events that we think the students will get involved in. Do you know what the CPB’s job is? You might want to get your facts straight before you post something next time. We are doing the same job that Jim has been doing in terms of organizing events. Again, Christina is not the dictator of the CPB. She is the chair. Even the chairman/chairwoman on a board of trustees doesn’t have complete autonomy. They answer to the group. If you have a problem with Christina being the chair, talk to Jim. Otherwise, anonymously complaining about it doesn’t change anything and makes everyone who’s commented seem like a coward.

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