This week, the Class of 2020 will elect their Freshman Class President to represent them on the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC)’s Executive Board.

Below, find candidate statements from nine of the eleven students running for Freshman Class President. The candidates will give speeches at Collins Snack on Monday night, and the election will be held by online ballot. Freshmen will receive the ballots by email at midnight on Monday night/Tuesday morning, and the voting period will be open until 8 p.m. on Tuesday evening, giving students a 20-hour window to vote.

The Forum is publishing these statements unedited as we received them from ASCMC. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Timur Adizov

The main reason I am running for freshman class president is to make your coming year at CMC as good as possible, so that at the end of the year each of us could proudly say that they have spent the best time so far. The primary focus of my campaign is to make a tightly knit community, so that everyone by the end of the year could rely on each other and proudly say that he or she has the biggest family in the world. I do not want you, guys to meet many friends I want you to obtain family.

I have planned contests and parties, which focus on getting to know each other better and help to make the name of each CMC student be remembered by everyone. I am a good leader. I am persistent. I do everything to the best of my abilities. Take as an example the fact that I am the first person in the history of Uzbekistan to come to Claremont Colleges. I had to work really hard to become the history maker. I have a dedication to all the tasks I do. I promise to continue working even harder to make your life better. I am not forcing you guys to vote for me, I want you to vote for the one you find the most compatible with the position. Being class president does not give so much power as people think. Class president cannot change something on large scales. But I will always be willing to help you whether it is an academic issue or a personal one. I am here to be your voice, your assistant, your light in the darkness. If you choose me I promise that you will not meet friends you will make a family.

Bryan CarlenBryan Carlen

Hello fellow freshies! My name is Bryan Carlen, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m from the Bay Area (just like everyone else here, I know). My hobbies include backpacking, going to the beach, and sleeping when I get the chance. My favorite food is either pizza or a good grilled cheese, and my favorite color is maroon.

Now comes the real stuff, the reason why I’d make a good Freshman Class President. If elected, my overall goal would be to create a sense of unity in our class. Freshman year is a unique opportunity to make friends with all sorts of people, and I think we should take advantage of that. If elected, I would create a BOMB-A** tank for us all to wear, which I’d solicit all of you to help design. I would also have class wide parties for ALL freshman to bond, so we could grow together as a singular family. I’d have de-stressing activities like puppy therapy, during periods like finals week. These activities would give us all the opportunity to mix and mingle, effectively uniting us as a class.

I also recognize the importance in hearing YOUR voice. To ensure this, I’d enact Google Forms and create office hours, to ensure I could hear your opinions and desires. Even easier, just come to talk to me whenever you see me, I’d love to talk and get to know you.

Even though I’ve only been here a short time, CMC already feels like my home. If you elect me, I’ll be sure to represent you best, and will listen to what you have to say. This honestly is most special group of people I’ve had the privilege of being part of, and it’d be my honor to serve you all.

Jenifer Hanki

Jenifer Hanki

Hi my name is Jenifer Hanki and I am running for freshman class president.

Now let’s break this down, because I am all about being honest, keeping my word, and being straightforward.  

Why do I want to be president?

I can do CMC justice — I am Creative, Mindful, and Compassionate –– moreover, I pledge to revolutionize the class of 2020 knowing that I can get the job done.

My platform:

First, having been here for a mere month, a common theme I’ve found at this college is over-worked.  Whether it be fretting over classes, working the weekend social grind, or dressing in full-suits interview-to-interview –– we need to understand the concept of “self-care.”  I hope to integrate a self-care strategy such that there can be a balance and we as a student body can promote a leisurable philosophy, or what most call – “chillaxing”.

Secondly, I believe that as CMC student aspiring to become a dual major in Econ and art, I feel that I can personally relate to many of the students who seem to stray from the CMC “stereotype.”  I have “2020” vision to facilitate individuality and ensure an atmosphere of comfort for all students.

Thirdly, I intend to improve the “social scene” not only at CMC, but also the 5Cs.  I hope to increase the generation of revenue for CMC’s social events through collaborative club & ASCMC projects as well as enriching the accessibility between social events for the other colleges to ensure financial efficiency and consistency.  

Why should you vote for me?

There is a difference between having great ideas and having great ideas with great execution.  I know that I have what it takes to empower the latter.  (Also, we’re friends on Facebook –– all jokes aside.)

Josh Meadows

Josh Meadows

My name is Josh T. Meadows and being from Washington, D.C. [student] government is in my blood. I wrote to my neighbors President Obama and Speaker Ryan hoping they’d release a bipartisan endorsement of my candidacy to be the Class of 2020 Freshmen Class President, but alas, time moves slowly in D.C.

As a member of the class of 2020, I personally believe we have two jobs: (1) to discover ways to most effectively be a part of the CMC community and (2) to have a hell of a lot of fun.

As freshmen, we’re in a unique position. No longer held down by the shackles known as high school, we have the newfound freedom to fully embrace our college experience. Unlike some of our beloved upperclassmen, we do not yet have to worry about the struggles of what comes after CMC. Instead we get to live in the moment. This is the time when we discover how we fit into this community and how, one day, we’ll lead this community. I want to make sure we make the most of this exciting time.

What’s the best way to discover the in and outs of CMC? Well, it’s by having as much fun as possible. Whether you spend your weekends partying in North Quad or watching movies in South Quad—I personally enjoy both—I want to make sure every student feels like they’re having a good time and is welcome here at CMC. When each and every individual is happy, that’s when we accomplish amazing things as a group.

Ultimately, I hope to foster a community in which we can have fun, embrace our differences, and simultaneously become the most unified class at CMC! I hope you’ll vote Josh T. Meadows Monday night!

Lena Mersereau

Lena Mersereau

Within a month of being at CMC, there is no better way I could think to give back to a community who has helped me feel so at home than to hope to have a hand in ASCMC this fall. The Class of 2020 is a force of brilliant and unique individuals whom I know, like me, is hoping to engage in a multiplicity of ways to better the community this year. I hope to see more Days of Dialogue and involvement with Dean of Students. I wish to know all my classmates on a personal level and help carry their ideas into action as their representative. I have always participated in student government and been lucky to represent grades K-12 as my School President this past year. This position allowed me to work closely with students of all ages and faculty. Additionally, I led forums every Tuesday and organized large-scale student activities and assemblies. I would love bring my ideas from this past year to CMC. Currently, I participate in Senate and Consortium Affairs Committee here on campus, but would become more involved. While I wish the best to my opposition, vote for Lena, she’s your Athena.

Pedro Mesa

Pedro Mesa

My Dearest Class of 2020,

A couple of months ago, high up in the central mountain-range of Colombia, a mature young man once said “Life is good, and it’s about to get better.”

I am this mature young man.

My name is Pedro Juan Mesa, and now this better time has come upon us. As Freshman Class President I will be a satisfier of desires and the voice we deserve. Are you interested in legendary parties, eating delicious food, or honoring Harambe? I vow to be the medium through which you will satisfy your desires. I will work to get YOU what YOU want while making the community better for all of us. I will do this by hearing your suggestions and making polls so that you can decide what to do. Through class events we will nurture a sound sense of community and family while having a blast. I want to do all of this because I love claremont since the first time I saw it (move in day). I will work to make this first year the best year of your life so far.

Thank you for being who you are,

Vote for Pedro

<3 All the love Fam

Nick Pibl

Nick Pibl

Class of 2020, do I have a story for you.

Being one of the only three CMCers born and raised outside of either the Bay Area or Orange County, I spent the past few weeks pioneering my way across the country. Through scorching deserts, lush green prairies and forgettable Midwest states, I arrived at Claremont McKenna from my home in (cue the fist pump) New Jersey. Now you might be asking yourself what would bring an East Coaster west, well… to be the 2020 Freshman Class President, of course.

So, what do I have to offer? Not only do I bring all the fun of Jersey Shore (who doesn’t like slightly orange, steroid injected partygoers), but I also bring a passion for our community. No longer will we have those awkward moments of forgetting each others names. Through class pregames, Green Beach activities and many more events, I know that we will become the best class CMC has ever seen. If I am elected President I will strive to make every event bring the Class of 2020 closer.

In all, if you want a Class of 2020 BP Table, memorable friendships and the beginning of the

BEST four years of your life…



Max Sickinger

Max Sickinger

I’m Max Sickinger and I am willing to walk into Chodosh’ office with a sword, slice apart his agenda and say “Enough is enough, CMC should pay us to go here”. But I’m not allowed in. I’m running for freshman class president. I’m not ASCMC president Nicky Blumm. I’m not allowed at the meetings where Chodosh and Nicky go pound for pound, fighting over what can be in our solo cups and whether we can make crazy escapades onto the top of Collins dining hall. Any candidate who says they will be at these meetings is lying. But what I can do for you is stick my foot in the door, eavesdrop, and help Nicky push forward initiatives that matter most to the freshman class.

Primarily, I want to create more events for students to interact with our entire class, not just a small portion. WOA was an incredible first step, but we need more. I love the fact that our class is so diverse. My best friends here are from England, China and Canada. Last week, I saw sophomore class President Edgar host an event for sophomores on top of the Kravis center. I want to facilitate events like these so that the class of 2020 can become the closest yet.

Moreover, I want to facilitate a greater 5C experience. The consortium is a large part of why most of us chose CMC but we don’t have access to either the communities nor the resources at other schools to the degree to which we should. I want students to feel welcomed at every campus, especially our own.

What I love about CMC is what I love about rugby. We beat the hell out of each other. But after it’s all over, we’re there to help each other recover.

Will Sileo

Will Sileo

Hello Class of 2020,

I’m Will Sileo and I’m running for Freshman Class President! I’m from the Bay Area in California, where I’m on the local Search and Rescue team and served for three years on my high school’s leadership council. From these experiences I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and making my voice heard. I love exploring the outdoors with friends, watching Game of Thrones and longboarding. I’m so excited for what this year has in store for us and the memories we are going to make together!

I’m running because I’m genuinely passionate about bringing people together and enjoy seeing everyone having fun. My time in office will be dedicated to making this a reality. I want everyone here to feel like they are part of a Welcoming Community of Inspiring People that is the class of 2020. How am I going to do this? Well, I can’t do it without you. As Freshman Class President I plan on using our budget to throw events – both freshman only and mixers with the upper classes. Beach days? Tailgating and games on Parents Field? The decision is yours. Through our Facebook group and social media I will get input from YOU about what events you want to see and make that happen. I will also:

  • Organize a Freshman Council made up of diverse voices and points of view.
  • Hold a competition for class t shirt/tank, where the winner will be decided by YOU.
  • Represent and stand up for our class as the only freshman on the Exec Board.
  • Hold specific hours in Crown for people to drop by with questions, concerns, or just to
  • talk. But also…
  • …Drop by my room (Crown 108A) anytime, for any reason.

Thanks for listening, here’s to four breathtaking years at CMC!