The ASCMC Executive Board held its weekly meeting Sunday evening following a meeting of the ASCMC Budget Committee. The Board discussed a possible Board position for a Senate committee chair and debriefed issues that arose at this weekend’s Toga Party. Following the Board meeting, the Student Senate met Monday evening.

At the Executive Board meeting, Director of Event Management Zachariah Oquenda ’16 stated that “there were no fences” in ASCMC’s storage area when he began the setup for Toga Party. Oquenda believes that all of the fences may have been stolen, although the bases for some of the fences were left behind. He explained that the storage area for the fences had previously been protected by a lock, but it was removed by construction crews.

Prior to this disappearance, Oquenda and SAC Mark Blumenfeld ’14 had introduced a funding proposal to purchase more fences for ASCMC, the cost of which would be subsidized by the Dean of Students. Now that these fences are gone, Blumenfeld added, “if we’re not able to find them, we have to double the proposed amount of the fences we’re asking for.”

Regarding the fences, ASCMC President Gavin Landgraf ’14 suggested that the “most likely scenario is that someone just borrowed them.” Later in the meeting, the Board voted to approve funding for new fences from the ASCMC General Fund.

During the event debrief, Blumenfeld said that multiple students were transported to the hospital during the Toga Party on Saturday. Blumenfeld was uncertain which school each of the transported students attends, but noted that some do not attend CMC. Oquenda added that there were 300 non-CMC guests at the Toga Party. Blumenfeld also said that the Claremont Police Department made an appearance at the party due to the number of transports.

The Board also voted to confirm $520 in club funding for the Democrats of the Claremont Colleges. Senior Class President Laura Epstein ’14, an active member in the Democrats club, voted affirmatively to grant the funding. The vote was required because the Campus Organizations Chair, Will Su ’16, cannot approve a club funding request of more than $500 without Board approval.

After debriefing the Toga Party, the Board discussed the upcoming Monte Carlo event. Hall explained that the entrances to Monte Carlo will be less crowded than those at Toga Party since campus security officers will not be checking IDs. She noted that the use of special ink stamping at the door will expedite the process at the door, since campus security will be checking that entering students have a hand stamp rather than checking ID’s.

At Senate, Junior Class President Mohammad Abdul-Rahim ’15 introduced Monte Carlo’s theme for this year, Casablanca, and announced that tickets would be on sale for CMC students starting Monday night. Abdul-Rahim also said that the games at Monte Carlo will be rewarded with raffle tickets, the potential prizes for which include a dinner for six at the home of CMC President Hiram Chodosh.

The proposal for a Senate position on Executive Board was presented by ASCMC Vice President Maddie Hall ’14, President Pro Tempore Michael Irvine ’16, and Senate Administrative and Budgetary Committee Chair Aviv Caspi ’16 at both the Board meeting and Senate. The proposal would add a rotating Senate committee chair as an advisory member of each Board meeting. The goal of the proposal is to better integrate the input of Senate into the Executive Board in case future ASCMC leaders fail to be “proactive” enough to do that on their own, said Hall.

The formal proposal would also stipulate that each Senate chair should attend the Board meeting prior to the meeting where that chair would serve as an advisor. Hall suggested that a guest at Board meetings cannot fully engage in an informed way with the Board’s discussions, a problem the chairs would be able to rectify with required attendance to at least two consecutive Board meetings.

Epstein and Sophomore Class President Iris Liu ’16 both expressed doubts about the value of adding this position to the Board. Members of the Senate suggested the possibility of extending the rotation period to allow each chair to spend longer consecutive periods on the Board.


  1. Round trip tickets to anywhere in the world? No. I’d much rather have dinner with the Chodoshs.

  2. It seems like we should be less concerned about the fencing and more concerned about the fact that 6 people were sent to the hospital from Toga and there was broken glass everywhere the following few days. IMHO, we should be less worried about keeping townies out, and more worried about keeping people inside upright.

  3. Another important topic the Exec Board spent a substantial amount of time discussing this week was the potential impact that making The Forum independent could have on ASCMC elections. In particular, we took up a question that was raised at Senate last week about whether, after becoming independent, The Forum could potentially start endorsing particular candidates for ASCMC office or only publishing favored candidates’ campaign statements. As it is now, The Forum, as a part of ASCMC, has to remain unbiased in its coverage of ASCMC elections. However, nothing in the proposed amendment would require the Forum not to take sides after becoming independent. The argument against adding a clause preventing The Forum from endorsing candidates was that it would set a dangerous precedent for content-based restrictions on what The Forum can publish, and that it would be unnecessary since The Forum is unlikely ever to do so. On the other hand, some Exec Board members, myself included, argued that the the risk of The Forum choosing in future years to influence the outcome of student government elections was compelling enough that it justified such a clause, at least as long as The Forum is funded by student fees.

    The Exec Board did not come to a consensus during the meeting on what the right decision was, but this is a topic we will continue to sort through as we move forward with the independence process. If you have any thoughts, either on this particular issue or on making The Forum independent in general, feel free to jump in here in the comments section or to email anyone on ASCMC. I am a huge fan of people posting online comments with their names attached, but, of course, you’re free to post anonymously if you want to.

  4. UPDATE: The fences have been found. The construction crew moved them without us knowing.

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