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Candidates will be giving speeches tonight, September 23rd, at Collins Snack, which will open early at 9:30 p.m.


Felipe Afanador

Hi, my name is Felipe Afanador. I am running for Class of 2018 president on the grounds of approachability, inclusiveness and commitment. Freshman class, you are all brilliantly unique in a variety of different ways and you are all certainly accomplished, after all you made it to CMC in its most competitive year yet. While I don’t want to linger on our respective experiences we had in high school, I would like to begin by giving a brief background about myself. This last year, I had the opportunity to serve as my school’s Senior Class President – I had the duty of promoting class unity and creating memorable experiences before everyone went off in different directions after graduation. As Freshman Class President, I would have a similar role in bringing our class together and ensuring that everyone is integrated as one class.

I want to focus on creating a strong sense of unity within our class by creating events that foster positive experiences throughout our freshman year. Freshman year is all about getting to know people and creating one identity as the Class of 2018. By coming together as a class and enjoying a plethora of exciting events, I truly believe we can make our first year at CMC a memorable one.

Class of 2018, it’d be an honor to serve you and bring to you an unforgettable freshman year. If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see from our class or simply want to talk and hang out, feel free to contact me. You can stop by my room in Marks 116 or shoot me a message through Facebook – I’d love to meet more of you and hear about your ideas. Thanks CMC!


Johanna Carmany

I am Johanna Carmany, most of you know me as Jo, and I also go by “Happy Jo”

I am on a mission to make the world a better place. I know that sounds pretty daunting, and some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now, but hey, we’ve all got dreams, and we have to start somewhere, right?

So I’m starting with making YOUR world a better place, the world at CMC, the world of Claremont, and so on. As Class President, everything I do will be done with the intention to have a positive impact.

I have do have a few ideas, but I also believe that YOU all have a voice and dreams, and should use it to make them come true! If there’s absolutely anything you want to see happen or you would like me to do as President, all you have to do is let me know.

Vote for Happy Jo, and I’ll make you happy! 🙂


Reid Dickerson

Hey Everyone, I’m Reid, and I care about you a lot.

I am not running because I think it will look good on a resume or because I lust for power and attention, I am running because I Untitledwant to work harder than I have ever worked before to improve the CMC community.

I can not promise that I can make the weather cooler nor can I promise that I can get AC in North Quad, but I can promise you that I will devote myself to making the Freshman Class the best class ever to come through CMC; I promise you that I do and I will continue to care about each and every member of the Freshman Class; and, above all else, I promise that I will work harder than every other Freshman Class President that CMC has ever had.

This year I plan to promote grade unity (via parties, Freshman Snack friday-sunday, CMC/5C mixers… etc), I plan to meet regularly with every 5C Freshman Class President, I plan to have regular surveys, regular updates and a suggestion box, I plan to tackle the high rate of hospitalizations in the Freshman Class due to alcohol poisoning (hopefully in cooperation with every 5C school), and I plan to get as many people involved as possible in order to maximize the success and reach of these goals.

I would like to close with a quote from my Basketball coach, “On a basketball court you start 5 players, but I had 6 seniors. The day before Senior Night he came up to me and asked me to start the other 5 guys. It was the most humbling experience I’ve had at my time at USN, this young man is the golden standard in leading by example.”


eric kilEric Kil

Eric Kil. Nephew of Kim Jung Un. North Korean Heir. Master Ninja. Three-time Starcraft National Tournament Runner-Up. Eric Kil is the man for the job. He will serve his class proudly and enthusiastically. Eric will prioritize his class over his social life, schooling, family gatherings, and starcraft educational presentations.

Eric, a published mathematician, will dedicate himself to the hope and posterity of his class, protecting certain unalienable rights to wet parties and the pursuit of happiness.




brian landeros Brian Landeros

 My 3-Part Platform:

  1.  Collaboration
    1.  CMC ‘18 Council
    2.  I will create a council whose sole responsibility is to ensure a kick-ass year.
    3.  I will personally reach out to a variety of individuals based on a number  of social circles that have already developed within our class. This will maximize the council’s efficiency in addressing your personal concerns. If you aren’t initially contacted about the council but will still like to join, reach out to me.
    4. 5C ’18 Council
    5. There are more friends to be made. Developing relationships with other students across the 5Cs will greatly enhance our experience in Claremont
    6. I will contact four freshman leaders from across the consortium to initiate the discussion about FUN 5C ‘18 events.
  1. Logistics (How the REAL memories are made)
    1. CMC 2018 Events
    2. More Mixers. Specifically Soph/Frosh events. The Class of 2017 is eager to meet us. Upperclassmen are the best outlet for having all of your questions/concerns answered. They were freshmen too
    3. Balance of dry/wet events. Many of you don’t drink. You should be proud of that decision while still being able to have fun
    4. CMC 2018 Tanks
    5. The sexiest piece of sleeveless apparel you’ve ever seen. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Voice
    1. I’ve heard you around campus. I’ve heard you at senate meetings. I’ve heard you in class discussions. I’m eager to get your points across in ASCMC Executive Board meetings. I will collaborate with upperclassmen in a thoughtful, mature manner to ensure that your ideas are successfully communicated.
    2. Think of me as a representative for our class. I am here to serve YOU. Got a sweet idea? Want to contribute to FroCo? Willing to help with tank designs/event planning? I’m all ears.

Get ready CMC 2018. It’s going to be a hell of a year.


Meteor Li

meteor liI can’t keep my excitement to myself, thinking of this: we’re now in CMC, a campus where people search for, or chase after dreams, where people live full-heartedly, supporting each other, and I’ve been given the opportunity to run for the chance to serve the freshmen class, a chance to help students with both personal and large issues. I have been given the chance to make this amazing campus an even better place!

Who am I?

I’m Meteor Li, a Meteor destined to fall on this planet, a Meteor that will try his best to help the class of 2018 attain their dreams. I grew up in China, educated in a family of people doing their part to make China a better and more democratic place. During high school I initiated a program to familiarize freshmen with available resources, and provided help to people who had trouble finding their niche.

What do I want to accomplish?

Dry activities-

  • Ice-cream social
  • Smash Brother competition,
  • Long board racing campus,
  • Water gun match,
  • Trip to water park or other fun places,
  • Scavenger Hunt,
  • More and More(M&M)! Just email me what do you want to have!


  • Jurassic party, Neo-stone Party, Ponding Party, and more. You can enjoy it no matter if you like party or not.
  • Party system where people could check out party easily.
  • Freshmen party which invites upperclassmen to join.

Campus facilities-

  •  I will do my best to get swings, hammocks, and other stuff that you can sit on, lie on, and socialize.
  • I will do my best to fix any problems that you encounter. Remember, if you have a problem, I am always available by text.
  • I will do my best to make our campus cleaner and a better place to live, learn, and party!


Alex Maseralex maser

Hey Class of 2018!!

My name is Alex Maser. I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan! A few facts about me: I play water polo, I love dogs, and I am planning to be a PPE major. Instead talking about myself or my past, I want to focus on the future and tell you what you’ll get when you vote for me as your Freshman Class President.

Our class is going to become a family! We’re CMCs most exclusive class ever, but can we also be the happiest, friendliest class ever? (If I’m the president, the answer to that will be yes). As the Freshman Class President, I will plan:

1) Ice cream Sundays (ice cream sundaes on Sunday — for when it’s 10:30 and you’re sad that there’s no snack on weekends)

2) Freshman only trips to cool places like Six Flags and Disneyland!!

3) Class parties where we can bond as a grade (with plenty of drinks, snacks, etc)!

4) Parties with the other classes (never hurts to make a few upperclassmen friends)

5) Dry events for those who don’t want to drink, such as Movie Nights, Board Game Tournaments and more!

6) We will get dope Class of 2018 tanks!!

7) I will institute a monthly Class of 2018 Survey where you can anonymously offer your opinion on social events, give suggestions and have your voice heard!

If you want a great freshman year filled with fun events for the class of 2018, you know who to vote for (it’s me). If you have any questions, comments, or just want to hang out, I live in Appleby 203 and you’re always welcome to stop by! Or just send me a Facebook message, since we’re probably already Facebook friends 🙂


Eric Millman

My name is Eric Millman and I’d like to be your freshman class president for several reasons. First and foremost, I love CMC. When I visited my junior year I knew that I’d found my ideal school. Now that we’re here, we all have the privilege of being a part of this vibrant community where everyone is sharp, motivated, and determined to pursue their intellectual and personal goals.

For us freshmen, our journey has just begun. I’m sure some of you have already begun to face a few of the challenges of college life (I certainly have). I believe it should be an integral goal of the class president to ensure that the transition into college is as smooth as possible for everyone.

I would primarily accomplish this task through organizing events specifically for freshmen. We have only been here for several weeks, and it’s likely that many of us have not yet found some of the people we’ll be most close with over the next few years. By organizing events such as ice cream socials, bowling, movie nights, fifa tournaments, outings to the village, and hopefully even more grandiose trips outside of Claremont, I’d do my best to make our grade as cohesive and welcoming as possible.

In addition to being a community organizer, I also believe that it is the responsibility of the freshman class president to be a medium between the student body and the faculty, ASCMC, and administration. I like to think of myself as approachable and receptive to dissenting views, and from my perspective, these are perhaps the most important qualities of a class president. If I’m elected, I hope to serve as an efficient avenue between our grade’s concerns and desires and the introduction of those topics into the larger CMC community.


dylan morrisseyDylan Morrissey

Hi Class of 2018!

My name is Dylan Morrissey, and I’d love to be your first CMC class president. During our last time as freshmen, it’s important to make the most of these next few months together. Let’s embrace scrolling desperately on our phones when alone, helplessly texting WOAmies to get lunch, and overbooking ourselves with a million clubs with attractive leaders. My platform incorporates two main ideas: the fact that this time in our lives is inevitably awkward and that’s great, and class love, of course.

Obviously we’re going to have the best class tanks, and I have some great dry event ideas too for our class (House of Cards day-long premiere watching event in February). Our class has taken over the towers, so it’s only fitting that we have a party with a new theme on every floor. You’ve seen all those viral videos of schools doing lip-dub music videos? That’s going to be a main project of mine for us. “Happy” was good, but Class of 2018 “Shake it Off” will be amazing (I’m open to better song suggestions, too). While terribly awkward and incredibly fun freshmen moments are our lives now, for better or worse, they’ll be memories before we know it. I think they’re worth remembering, so I’m going to create a time capsule of pictures, stories, and of course Yik Yaks from first semester freshman year to not open until second semester senior year.

I have the past 2 years of experience as Class President—it’s what I know how to do and, more importantly, love to do. In addition, I have plenty of time in my schedule to devote to implementing your wonderful ideas and planning bonding events. In the words of MyCy, “we run things, things don’t run we.”


Jacksón Smithjackson smith

Whó is Jacksón Curtis Smith?

Tó begin, I deny any and all allegatións that I may ór may nót be invólved with hidden backdóór deals with any respected news publicatión ón campus. If I was, it wóuld definitely be with the móst respected and móst established, like the Gólden Antlers. But I am nót.

Jacksón Curtis Smith grew up ón the plains óf Bulgaria, Jacksón Curtis Smith ate liver chóps fór dinner, Jacksón Curtis Smith dón’t take nó shit.

Jacksón Curtis Smith has a visión fór this great Freshman class. He hears the ringing óf gólden sleigh bells and the dancing óf antlers. He sees the innóvatión óf the future, he sees órganic, lócally próduced fóód. He sees the develópment óf synergy acróss class divisións. He see’s all the móney being póured intó the wallets óf an órganizatión that rhymes with Mólden Mantlers.

Tóday, I ask óf yóu.

Vóte Jacksón.