Yesterday during the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College (ASCMC) Executive Board meeting Gavin Landgraf, ASCMC President, Nathan Falk, Forum COO, and I announced plans to separate the Forum from ASCMC. These plans will be further discussed at Senate tonight.

While the Forum was originally started many years ago, it was only resurrected in its current web-only form in 2007. At the time, in order to ensure the viability of their endeavor, Josh Siegel, the then-Editor-in-Chief, and Brad Walters, ASCMC president, chose to launch the website as a branch of ASCMC. At the time, the Forum was used to some extent for the publicity of ASCMC. As the Forum has grown and become more of a linchpin for news and journalism on our campus, this previous purpose has largely diminished.

The Forum hopes to continue providing students with information on all relevant happenings within the consortium. It is in this vein that we have decided to pursue separation from ASCMC. The changes that will be made will not affect the way the Forum publishes, nor will they have a marked effect on most content. The purpose of the emancipation is to ensure that all Forum writers are able to impartially comment on all matters that concern students at this school, including ASCMC, DOS, and any other parties of influence on-campus.

The current proposal includes the following changes from current processes:

  • The Editor-in-Chief will no longer be an employee of ASCMC
  • The Editor-in-Chief will no longer be chosen by the election committee of ASCMC
  • There will be a constitutional clause ensuring that all content decisions for the Forum will be made directly and solely by Forum staff

A formal amendment advising these changes will be presented at executive board and senate in the coming weeks. We hope that we can continue to serve the Claremont consortium and be a source of news and entertainment in our community. We welcome any comments and feedback below.


  1. the history here is not quite right. brad walters was around when the forum went digital. I believe the first editor for the website version was lauren (forget her last name). it did not do well at first. the second editor was ross boomer, who brought on josh siegel to do much of the web design and made it a much more successful site. josh siegel i think was later editor-in-chief in the following year.

    the forum was not really ever for ascmc publicity. the closest it has ever really come was they once used it to announce who would play a concert, but that actually crashed the site entirely by overloading the server. other than that just normal news articles. often articles that were critical of ascmc.

    in the early days of the ascmc controlled web version, the editor position was not an elected position at all. that must have happened post-2009.

    the whole reason why ascmc was running the forum from what i recall was that it needed to be able to pay salaries to those who wrote for the forum and the way that clubs are set up at cmc, you could not fund a club to pay its members.

    good luck if you guys can get writers to write regularly for free, then you’re set.

    not sure who made the editor-in-chief role elected. that’s stupid.

    • Thanks for jumping in to clarify some of the history. One additional clarification: the editor position was (and is, until these amendments take effect) an appointed position, not elected. The elections committee did the appointing, but the only “election” was a vote among the committee’s members.

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